Hi everyone. I am just devastated.  Found out a couple of hours ago that my cat was run over and killed this morning.  A neighbor saw me and said he saw the cat lying in the road.  I don't know who took him away.  I was outside looking for him.  He would often hide so I wasn't overly concerned but then the neighbour saw me and told me he knocked my door to tell me while the cat was lying there but I wasn't home.  I loved him so much.  He was barefly 2 years old and the cutest little ginger cat with so much personality.  I can hardly believe it.  I know time heals grief and one day I won't be this upset but right now I am crying and devastated and know I will miss him so much, plus I am so sad he had such a short life.  Plus I never took any photos of him so have nothing to remember him by although I don't think I will ever forget his sweet little face.
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So sorry for your loss. My heart hurts with you.
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I am so sorry that is awful
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Dear Sparkle,

I am very sorry for your loss of your beloved cat. Especially in such a tragic way and at such a young age. My heart is breaking for you.

I do think that even if cats knew the risks and dangers involved? they would still opt to go outdoors and explore. They would want to live that adventure. 

The average lifespan of a cat in the wild (or out on the street) statistically is only about 2 to 5 years. So your boy lived within an average lifespan of an outdoor cat.

There are a few of us here on this forum who had Ginger cats. Some of their names are Resses, Bubby (aka Milo), Rocky, Jagger and Marmalade. All proud "orange boys." Now your cat can join them. What was his name if I may ask?

Due to the distinctive markings and color patterns of ginger cats, I would recommend going onto Google images and just looking over photo images of other Ginger cats. You will no doubt see one that looks exactly like your boy looked. It will help preserve your memory of him. : )

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Oh, no...that's one of my absolute worst fears given the knuckle-dragging idiots in my neighborhood.  It hits especially close because one of our cats (Away) is a ginger and he's always roaming somewhere.  I'm so very sorry, sparkle.  I know words don't do much, but I mean every one of them.  I hope that you make a home here and talk with the all-kinds-of-amazing people.
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I am very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers. Sounds like a very cute and special boy.

~I love you eternally, McCartney boy~

You can visit my kitty McCartney's Rainbow Bridge Memorial here:

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Thank you to everyone who has replied.  It helps a lot and means a lot.  I know in time this won't be so painful but it is at the moment.  I keep imagining the impact, him lying in the road and wondering if he suffered very much.  But worst of all is the fact he was a baby.  He acted like a kitten and took little naps in the afternoons just like babies do.  There was no need for him to wander as my garden is large and full of trees, but I guess it was his age and his adventurous nature.  I have other cats and I always got them in before evening and was always checking and trying to prevent such a thing happening to any of them but Bennie had no fear of cars.  Maybe he would have become more streetwise in time, if he'd had time.  So sad.

I apologize for not responding to replies sooner.  I've been in shock and running on adrenaline the past couple of days.  I found out late Tuesday night and yesterday I went to various neighbours to ask if they had seen anything or knew who took Bennie.  Long story next door neighbor told another neighbor that he knew the cat and would offer to bury Bennie for me.  But instead, he immediately called government waste and they came and took him very quickly.  Which is why, when I got home, I was unaware anything had even happened.  The fact the neighbor would do something like that really impacted on me.  I was unable to reach the animal waste department by phone and had to contact them online and wait till today for a reply. 

As I never got the chance to say goodbye to Bennie I decided to go and collect him, bring him home and then take him to the vet for cremation.  The waste dept said he had been kept cold.  I imagined some sort of animal morgue as they said he was in a bag and a box and kept cold.  I had a shock when I got there.  He was in a plastic bag and an old carboard box inside a chest freezer!  They opened it and he was curled up in a ball.  I asked how that could be when witnesses said he was lying straight.  They said the waste collectors put them in a bag and throw them onto a truck so their bodies don't remain straight.  Then they get frozen.  I saw his curled up body and his fur but it did not look like him even though it was him which I knew from his collar.  They asked if I would like them to take a close look to let me know if he had bad injuries so I could make an informed choice about viewing him fully.  I said yes and after looking they said he had bad facial injuries.  He was hit in the face by the vehicle.  I decided not to look.  It was bad enough seeing his distorted frozen body.  I decided not to take him home as there was no point.  I had imagined him being cold but not frozen.  No one that saw him in the road had mentioned any visible injuries.  The animal waste people said he would be sent for cremation with some others so I left him there.  It was not a nice experience but at least I got some closure which I think was better than just being told he was hit and killed and not saying goodbye to him.  Now the grieving process can begin.  I still find it hard to believe.  And I loved him so very much.
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