It's been almost a month since I visited here.  I hope everyone is doing well.  To those of you who just arrived, welcome.  I've found a lot of comfort and support here, it's really helped...especially when you just want to "talk".

I still think about Delenn on a daily basis.  I kiss and hug her urn every morning and night, I keep here paw prints  on the night stand.  I hold her against my chest before I go to sleep.

We adopted a new kitten last month.  Her name is Domo.  I should say, she adopted us.  She really did.  I was going to lunch and God tapped me on the shoulder and said "Go here." It was an out of the way Petco.  So I walked in and there she was.  We locked eyes.  She was banging here head on the glass desperate for attention...hopping up and down.  I knealt down and tapped on the glass.  She meowed...A LOT.

"Okay little one.  Let me go back to work.  I'll come back with the kids later and if you're still here, you'll be sleeping in your new home tonight."  As I left I could see here pressing her head against the glass watching me go.

So we came back later, me and kidlets.  Domo was still there.  She saw me and started jumping up and down off her perch.  I had a Petco employee take her out so we could get acquainted....and BOOM.

First she tackled my son...licking his face like a puppy.  Then she jumped on the head and shoulders of my daughter...then she tackled me and shoved her head into my hand demanding to be skritched.  So we all scritched, scratched, and kissed her.  So yeah...we brought her home.

And Delenn has been with her...approves of her...teaching her.  I see a lot of Delenn's influence on her.  That makes me happy.

I'll never stop thinking about or loving Delenn.  She was my little girl and I was her human.  But Domo has her own special place...granted at 2 AM it's a little...annoying having to "fix her hungries"...sigh...but she's so damn cute and loveable...how can a dad say no?

Anyway...that's just my little update.  Be well and God bless everyone! Domo.jpg 
Stephen "Riceman" Myers
"The greatest tribute one can give a loved one is to share their life and stories with others."

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lovely. Beautiful cat x
Zippy 13/01/2008, Button 06/01/2016, Jake 11/05/2016
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"The greatest tribute one can give a loved one is to share their life and stories with others."

I love this quote and totally agree with it.

I also believe that our furry family choose us.
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Stephen - oh my gosh! your new kitty looks so much like my Little. He was tuxedo and had a pink nose and the white stripe down his nose.  He had more black on his arms but when I saw that picture I immediately thought she looked like Little.  One of these days I'm going to figure out how to get a picture of him on here.  I'm so glad you are doing better - I had wondered.  My story of adopting a new kitty is so similar to yours.  I was out and about and God sent me to Petsmart.  There were 2 black kitties on top and I was talking to them when all of a sudden this grey kitty jumped up to the window and started meowing and making biscuits.  He "spoke" to me.  I went home and called my husband, told him to go by Petsmart on his way home from work and check out the kitties.  He liked the grey one a lot.  I called the rescue group that had him and we arranged to meet him on Sunday afternoon.  Long story short, I went back on Monday and adopted him.  His name is Earl Grey - like the tea- I call him Kitty.  We want to change his name but can't agree on one.  He's 6 months old and solid grey.  He looks like a Russian Blue.  I don't think he's full blooded but is a strong mixture.  We've had him 6 weeks now and it has definitely been an experience.  We've had litter box issues, behavior issues with my son's 2 cats and his days and nights are mixed up.  He is finally settling in.  It has been hard for me to get close to him.  I think it was too soon but once we had him I couldn't take him back.  I think I have been afraid to have feelings for another kitty.  And I felt disloyal to Little.  I'm finally letting my guard down with him.  My husband  and son are attached to him.  We haven't ignored or forgotten Little.  We still light his candle every night - to light his way home.  Today is 13 weeks since he has been gone and I have been so sad.  He's all I have thought about yesterday and today.  I kiss his picture and tell him I love him every day.  I found his bandana yesterday and it was such a bittersweet memory.  Kitty has brought light back into our dark home and he has made me smile and laugh.  Time will tell if I did the right thing adopting him or not but I think I made the right choice - as it seems you did.  I know you will always miss and love Delenn just like I will always miss and love Little. They were our babies.   Take care of yourself and I wish you good luck with Domo. 



Little - Feb. 4, 1998 - Feb. 24, 2016
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