Carson died suddenly (I had to euthanize 9.5 years old) just four days after my mother died. March was a very sad month for me. I knew I couldn't live alone without another fur baby. Picked new puppy out two days after Carson died but didn't bring him home for a month since I my mother's service was delayed for a month.

Getting a new puppy was the best thing for me (others may need to wait). I kept Carson's bed and some toys. It is a real comfort to see new puppy loving Carson's stuff. The puppy is a lot of work compared to Carson, my little gentleman. Housebreaking a challenge and all the biting and chewing. But he's five months old now and doing better. We have really bonded. He makes me laugh with his puppy antics. He is definitely not Carson or a replacement for him. But Kojo has filled the gaping hole in my heart. I still sometimes cry at night when I think of Carson but three months has been so much easier with new baby.
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Having just put down our girl Saturday, we have the same gaping whole in our hearts and lives. I am very glad to hear that you were able to continue to give your love to another furry child. I am sure that’s what Carson would want.

I keep telling myself that Sydney wants us to be happy, I think that’s what all our list children would want.

It is comforting to know that we may get to where we can adopt another dog, right now i cannot imagine doing so.
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Firstly, I'm very sorry for your loss of Carson. I also lost my buddy in March and it still hurts like it happened yesterday.

About a month after my loss, it was so depressing how quiet the house was. I thought there are millions of cats out there in shelters who need good homes, and I still have the capacity to provide one and there might as well be something good that comes from an otherwise horrible thing, so I adopted another cat from the local shelter. She had been brought in by animal protection officers and was obviously in need of a better place.

I'd like to say everything is all good, but I am still grieving for my lost buddy and there are days I know I am not showering my new cat with love like should happen when anyone brings home a new forever pet. I came home one day particularly depressed (something that is always depressing now that my best friend is not in the window waiting for treats) and I called her replacement cat. Then I immediately thought to myself that was a ****** thing to say!

She is a very sweet cat and has adapted well. I know she is coming from a bad experience too, and she is doing better than I am. Not saying this to discourage anyone from finding a new friend after a tragic loss, but it should not be a rushed decision either.

The new cat is slowly finding a place in my heart, but the hole left by the one past is still so big, it's gonna take some time. Wishing you and Kojo all the best.

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