last weekend I was on facebook and randomly John Paul Pet (of Paul Mitchell hair products) had a contest..i posted a picture of Max at the beach and we won! we won a bunch of Paul Mitchell pet products. It made me so very, very sad. we used to give Max a bath with their stuff.

I was supposed to respond with my address to get the stuff..i didn't bother. what am I going to do with pet products? I guess I could donate it. I didn't realize a) we could actually win and b) that the prize would be a bunch of products. I thought they would just post the winning pictures. clearly I didn't think it through.

on Sept 16th it will be 6 months since I lost Max. my world has not been the same since. things are just not the way they used to be. I cry about Max daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I know everyone on here can understand. life has certainly gone on, thankfully not much has changed though. I am not good with change and I am glad in a lot of ways that things have stayed the same.

thank you for listening everyone <3
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I am so sorry for your Max. It is such a hard process to lose a pet. I lost my Whisky of 16 years last week. What a great day Max must of had at the beach. Remember that thought. My prayers are with you.
Shannon Brooks
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I really liked what you did for Max with the sunflowers. I have one accidental sunflower in the front yard. Every winter I feed the birds sunflowers, to amuse Abby and Casey, and Jamie when she was alive. I take the feeder in until the bears go back to sleep. This year a sunflower has grown to nine feet tall. Jamie would have loved it. This one is dedicated to Max.

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that is so sweet Jimbo!!  <3

its funny we tried but failed to take Max to the sunflower festival last year (got the dates wrong)..
so we ended up driving around for hours finally we found a place with just one sad little sunflower.
Max was irritated (we could tell :))..
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Its clear you had a great love for your Max! Hes beautiful by the way.  I always included my FC in activities as well...she loved to venture out and be among people.  I love that he got to go to a sunflower festival...well almost :).  I would look at winning the dog products as maybe a little sign from your boy.  After my girl was put to sleep my daughter who was 2 kept saying how our girl became a butterfly and even made up a little song.  I don't know why she thought this but since that day we see butterflies EVERYWHERE especially our back yard.  I'm sure this is her spirit being with us even though shew will have been gone a year next week.  Look for the signs...If you stay open minded I bet Max might just send you. 

Its clear you had a great friendship.  He was lucky to have a family who loved him so much.  
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