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Hi Jackie, I’m so sorry I’m late in posting to your tribute for Jim’s four year anniversary at the Bridge.  Wow, where has time gone?  I feel like I know Jim from all of the beautiful stories and photos you’ve shared with us over the years...his love of sharing vacations with you, running on the beach and spending time with your parents are so precious.  What a blessing Sunny Jim found you and continues to share your lives.

Wishing you, Brian and Jim the merriest of holiday seasons, and sending big hugs to you all.

Your friends, Dawn, Randy and Molly xxx
Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Hi Dawn, thank you for your lovely post - and yes, it is so hard to believe Jim has been at the Bridge for 4 years...    Time certainly plays tricks with the memory - sometimes it can feel as if its just a few months or so since he was here with us, and other times it can seem like forever....      I know - like you with little Molly - that we were blessed to have had so many years with our beautiful pups, but what we wouldn`t give to be able to see them just one more time...      

                                                                                                     Big hugs,   your friends, Jackie, Brian and Jim   xxxx

J Taylor
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Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts.  You have been such a wonderful friend and support throughout the years...My goodness, I guess we can say years now.
Yes, we were so blessed to have had time with our special fur pups, and also so blessed to have met one another here.  The work perhaps of those angel pups who always know what we need, even when we don't???

Wishing you and Brian and of course Jim a special Christmas filled with fond memories, and the touch of your super sleuth's stealthy paws upon your heart and soul.  May Christmas packages go missing inexplicably as it will be a sure sign of your Jim about the house.  May the sun shine for you and may Sunny Jim forever warm your heart and soul with his smile, his gorgeous eyes and his antics.  

Many hugs sent
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Hi Cody, yes, it is hard to believe our little group have been coming here for so many years now - and it is still such a huge support when we inevitably get those "down times", such as Angelversaries and special times like Christmas...    Our pups surely brought us all together - one good thing arising from such sadness...

   Thank you for your lovely Christmas wishes - and I think you may be right about Christmas presents going missing as I`m pretty certain our little "James Bond" will have a magical sign for us to discover come Christmas morning...!!  

                                                                                             Big hugs,     Jackie xx
J Taylor
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Hi Jackie,

Wishing you, Brian and your family a peaceful holiday season and lots of sweet signs from your handsome boy Jim. I’m sorry I missed Jim’s 4th angelversary. A couple days ago marked 31 months for my Peanut and like you, it’s hard to believe how much time has passed, where did it go? Like you with Jim, I feel Peanut’s presense often and understand how you feel when you write that in the car you half expect to see Jim sitting in the back seat. Maybe when we feel that way, they are sending special little nudges to us to help us smile. So, may Jim send you many nudges as you have brought many smiles to us reading about him.

Lots of hugs,
Peanut’s Mom
"Sometimes even the smallest things can take up the most room in your heart"
-Winnie the Pooh

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Hi Peanut`s Mom, thank you for your lovely post!   I hope you and Heidi are well, and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  Yes, time has certainly passed by so very quickly - its hard to believe that this will be the fifth Christmas without Jim...     But you are right - I also think they send us lots of little signs to help us remember them with a smile - and even more so at special times like now!   Jim, Peanut, and all the Bridge fur angels remain a huge part of our lives - our beautiful soul mates..

                                                                                      Big hugs, Jackie xx
J Taylor
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Hi Jackie,
Thank you for popping by Bailey’s thread on his birthday with such kind wishes! I’m hoping that Bailey, Jim and all of their friends enjoyed the party! Thank you also for the toast! 🥂 It was nice knowing that my English Sis was toasting along with us ~ even though it may have been several hours earlier! 😉
Please give my best to Brian and hugs right back ~ from Charlie and me!! 🤗🐶
MJ ❤️xxx

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Hi Jackie, I hope you get a notification on this post. Thank you so much for posting on China Doll's birthday. Your words are so kind and sweet, brought some smiles to me and Deborah. I know they all had a great time, full little bellies and snoozes in the grass.

We are doing ok, staying home, and being so so careful. It is a strange time indeed. I love going to sleep these days, gives my mind a chance to rest and destress a little. I feel the same way about how our fur friends could help us to calm down, take a break, and just be with them. Every day was a good day back then, no matter what.

I'm so glad to hear all is going ok considering, take care, be safe and thank you again for a lovely post.

Your friends, Charlie and Deborah
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Jackie!!! oh is it ever so wonderful to hear from you, yes….our emails just aren’t landing to each other, I have sent it three times, maybe wondering if a reboot of the system would help?? It may be from my end as I couldn’t log into the forum either, but they fixed the issue and I am back in here, can’t keep me away from here that easily, lol.
i always love coming to this thread to see your Hollywood Handsome Jim, and yes, the goat story still makes me laugh, oh how proud your Jim was of the stench he brought for the car ride home, a true boy loving how he can stink up the place, lol.
I was glad to hear that you, Brian, your Mum and loved ones are doing well and safe during this most difficult time of all our lives, who would have ever thought something like this could really happen, yet here we are, I hope your Mum is being extra cautious.
I would love to receive a letter from you through the mail, glad you still have my address, I know email is easier, (although not for you and I right now, lol.) but nothing beats holding a letter to read.
Stay safe Jackie, be sure to give my best wishes to Brian, and always my warmest wishes for your heart to be filled with your handsome Jim’s love.
Your friend always, Don
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