Just got a call from the city reminding me to renew Piper's license. It was like a punch to the stomach. I have been doing really great the last couple of days and it has taken me right back to the night we lost her.

I had a dream the other night that she was hiding under the couch (which is sort of funny, as she was a big girl - English Bulldog) and I couldn't get her to come out. Then another dream where she was at the dog park and I was calling her and calling her and she just wouldn't come.

I know these are all realities I have to deal with, and the dreams are part of working through the grief, but man, it HURTS.

I unsubscribed from meet-ups and pet stores so I wouldn't have to deal with emails reminding me she was gone. It never occurred to me to call the city. I wonder what other reminders will come out of the woodwork. 

A huge thing that I initially thought would help, but I am not so sure of any more...Piper passed on February 29th, and we moved into our new house on March 4. I thought the change would be good. I wouldn't see her in every corner, it would be a new house with new memories. But I just can't seem to feel at home in the new house without her.

I made a little shelf for her in our bookcase with her ashes, photo and her collar, but the place just feels empty.

There is no way my husband will get another dog any time soon. We have two small children and don't have the time to devote to a new puppy the way we did with Piper (we got her just before we got married). I don't want to replace Piper - not that we could - but it just feels so strange without her. I know he is right, and that maybe one day we could consider it again, but I keep thinking about how a home without a dog is not as full.

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So sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved Piper. I just lost my precious fur baby Lacey- she was a Jack Russel Mix. I too understand the grief and the feeling of "empty" in the house. Losing a pet of any kind is devastating they are family! I do know that your beloved Piper- felt love and happiness being in your family. As with any passing of a loved one- grieving is a process. Just know that your fur baby is in my thoughts and prayers.

Lacey my sweet Angel 6/2006-3-9/2016
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