It's been two weeks since my girl, Georgia passed away. I thought I was more at peace with it this week , it really helped me when I could talk about her to my friends. But lately all I've been hearing is that j should get another dog and that it should be a completely different dog than Georgia.
The more I think about getting another dog the more depressed I feel. She was my perfect dog. She was so in tune with both me and my boyfriend even though we worked different schedules. She knew when each of us had to wake up, she knew when each would be returning home and always greeted us with kisses no matter how tired she was. She loved to take naps with me during the day.
She was good on and off leash and never destroyed anything in the house.
I just loved her so much! I can't see myself with any other dog right now. I don't know how to explain this to my friends. Am I just being selfish by not letting another dog into my life for a while?
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Your friends mean well, they just want to help. My dog died on 3/4/16. I lI've very close to the ASPCA. I could even walk to it. After my baby died, I'd go there just to look at dogs. On 3/24/16 I had no intention of rescuing any dogs, I got to talking to one of the workers, told her about my dog dieing suddenly and my health issues and being deaf, she said she had two dogs that would make great service dog. I asked her which one she would pick. I did a meet and great with the dog. A different worker brought her into play room. He and I were sittitbe om the floor. She examined the toys diet then jumped on my lap and gave me three kissez. Right then I knew she was supposed to be with me, I paid the fees and took her home.. She rescued me! I swore no dog would be allowed in my heart. She is very different personality wise from my late baby. She's kept me sane or I'd die of a broken heart. I'd just advise to keep your heart open and when the time is right you will know.
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Hi GP, I think everyone has their own time frame. Some people told me they go immediately to a kill shelter when one of theirs passes and rescue more, I admire that but I just can't do that. I need time to grieve and take care of myself. We are all different and we need to feel ready to take on another when the time is right.  You will know when it's right. As for Wiz he found me or was sent to me when I trapped him by accident. We already had 3 other kitties at that time, thank god we kept him because he was fiv pos and they wouldn't put him in the cages for adoption. Whoever abandoned him missed out on the most loving little boy in the world.. but I believe he and I were meant to be together for sure.
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Hi, I also agree about everyone having their own time frame for grief.  We lost our dog Jim almost 5 months ago, and as much as I hate being without a dog, I really don`t feel the time is right for me. At first, both my husband and myself said we`d wait until June before we`d consider looking for another dog, but as that time nears, I still don`t feel ready.  When we lost our previous dog Midge, I was devastated, although just 6 weeks later we adopted Jim from our local rescue centre, but this time I just can`t do it again so soon.  Maybe it was because of the special bond we shared with Jim - he was that Once in a Lifetime dog, and I still miss him so much. As Wizberry say`s,  I think you`ll know instinctively when the time is right.
                                              Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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Please try and go with your instincts though when we are grieving, it's hard to make decisions. I have real trouble 'deciding' things lately. Maybe it's part of the second guessing, replay that still lingers. About 3+ months after Lucy passed I met with a breeder to bring home a puppy in +3-4 weeks. Cancelled that. Then I met an awesome rescue 1 year old pup a month ago. A few days before I was to bring him home, I bagged on that. As sad as I feel about both dogs, all I can gather is that I'm just not ready yet. So I am giving it a bit more time. It's hard to be without a dog or pet when you've had one @ home for so long.

But when you wrote, "the more I think about getting another dog the more depressed I feel", I think your heart may be letting you know that you may need more time. I certainly don't know. After almost 6 months, I am still struggling with the decision. Though I think it's different for everyone. I admire folks who have the courage to bring another pup home because they are taking the leap of faith-- even when they're still missing their pets. But I agree with what everyone wrote-- you will know when it feels right. I hope that it will happen for all of us because life is too short to live without our best buds.  
Hugs to you, Kasey
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I decided to volunteer at the animal rescue to walk the dogs to contribute and try to make a difference for them.  And to be around canines. Right now I couldn't think--alright I did think about it a couple of times when I saw two Border Collies but they are adopted--of adopting another dog, it is way to soon after Bailey so volunteering will help both me and the dogs I walk.
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Georgia  In my opinion, I would do what my heart told me, not what my friends said! Some peolpe are just not in tune to the way we felt about our babies.  Do these people that say that have any pets?  My daughter and her husband said that to me, and I was insulted.  They even offered to buy me another Bulldog.  I told them not to even think about it.

I did foster a little dog shortly after my Winston passed.  I fell inlove with him.  I just couldn't see anyone else having him, so I adopted him.. It was my decision, not anyone elses.  My lonliness was just too much for me.  In the end, I think it is totally up to you.  Don't let anyone push you into something that doesn't feel right to you.  I hope this helped.  Good luck   Sue
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My 7 1/2 year old peek a poo best friend Hogan was hit by a car and killed march first of this year. I couldn't of even fathomed bringing in another dog to our family the first few weeks or month. But here I am a little over 2 months out of that devastating day with a new 10 week old puppy and we couldn't be happier. that little guy has brought us so much joy in the short time he has been in our home. Everyone has their own timetable on things like this so don't rush. I was in the darkest moment of my life when Hogan died. I went on antidepressants, benzos and even started seeing a psychiatrist. I still see the psychiatrist every 3 weeks because the grief and blame is still a little there. So take your time, but for me and my family adding our new little puppy Randy had added so much joy and happiness.
Hogans Daddy
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My dog passed 2 weeks ago yesterday.  She was 12.  

I asked for Friday off and some time off 3 weeks from now for general reasons.  

My manager asked me yesterday, "Are you taking some time off to get a new dog?". Ugh?  

I let him know that it was not a funny question.  Some people are just clueless or somewhat unaware of how special a dog can be.  This same person said his wife takes care of everything to do with the dog.  In other words it's just a possession.  

I have no plans to get another dog anytime soon.  My Kacey is hanging out with me in my memory and in pictures in my house and car, and on my phone.  She's told me to relax and enjoy myself for a while without her responsibility. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.  She's having fun where she is and told me to have some fun.  I've got some trips planned. :)


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I agree take your time.  Everyone is different.  I do like the idea of getting a K9 fix by volunteering at the shelter...beware it is much easier to bring a dog home sooner than you intended though.  I volunteer.  I couldn't go up there for a month after Eddie died but I was worried about my surviving dog as he wasn't eating and was just staring at the wall all the time so I did bring a sweet thing home 2 weeks ago.  He does have some issues, nothing bad just trust and he is very fearful but my other dog is at least eating now.  Probably not the best reason to get a dog but that was our situation, you will know when it is right for you.

If your friends are "just a dog" people, they will never get it until they get a dog.
Sue E
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People told me that too. I was shocked. I agree with you. My Winnie (and her still-living sister, Lily) were perfect (and are) to me. They are so "in tune" with us as well, so I get you. They are laid back, so into our routines, etc. My sister lost her cat and got a new one and she said it really helped her. But my husband said his way was to get a new dog ASAP. I fought him on it. He got one anyway, but waited for me. He said he did compromise because he wanted one the next day! I was like c'mon can we at least get Winnie's ashes back?!

We have a new puppy now and he sees how it wasn't the best decision due to our lifestyle, but after a few weeks it's going better. Still, in some ways it's going fine in some ways I'm not 100% still. I mean, obviously I'll always miss and love Winnie and I can't say the new dog has made me get over it. I'll never be over it. I think it's helped my husband. It's not a bad situation, but I think it was a bit rushed for me and Lily. Like the above poster, we just got Lily eating and acting normal again, and the new puppy disrupted that.

People should mind their own business, but I suppose they mean well. Take your time. Like others, you could always volunteer or see a therapist, and when you are ready and you'll know when the time is right. And who knows, maybe it won't. Not for a long, long time. You'll know. Thankfully after our experience with the new puppy, when Lily goes, my husband realized it was a bit rushed and we won't be getting a puppy again (he has to learn things the hard way) we'll take our time with a rescue and get an older dog.
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You will know in your own heart when it is right.   When I lost Gemma, I already had Muppet and Fudge my other two doggies.   I grieved for eight months and nobody could help me as Gemma was my soul mate.  Hubby bought a surprise home to me, a little red cockapoo who we named Lola.  She was a little tinker and kept me on my toes.  Although the grief went on she did help me a little.  They never quite fill the massive hole that one loved one leaves behind but you have so much love and room to love another.  You will know when the time is right

now I have four furbabies as I adopted Frank two years ago....

Please don't say you will never have another, they are all wonderful and special in different ways.  you aren't replacing the baby you lost.   Your baby would want you to be loved by another

my four babies
Love Julie x
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Take your time. Don't rush. Someone on here rushed and deeply regrets it.
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