Last March, we lost one of 2 litter mates that we raised since they were 12 weeks old; mates Chance (RIP 3/14/18) and Danny.  Danny is just shy of 15 years and we are at that horrible, agonizing crossroads of letting him go.  We've known it was coming, but it's still so very hard.  He is a Cocker Spaniel and has been suffering for about 18 months with Cushings Disease, as well as having a heart murmur since he was about 8. And the past month or so, he's been displaying signs of dimentia, barking and snarling at our other dogs (new rescues) and even nipped at my husband.   The Cushings, along with his age has caused his muscle mass, especially on his hind quarters, to deteriorate.  He now collapses.     Yesterday morning he fell backwards into the water ball and was stuck sitting in a puddle of water, unable to get up.  My husband came home yesterday afternoon and found him sprawled out on the vinyl kitchen floor unable to get up, howling and crying.  A foot or so away was a squished pile of feces that he had obviously produced and fallen in, with signs that he had struggled to pull himself out of.   I got home right afterwards, and it was just a heartbreaking scene.     Yesterday morning I prayed for God to give me a firm sign of when it is time to let him go, and the love for him and selflessness to do it for Danny, not to keep him around for us.   In my heart I feel this was it, but I'm still agonizing over making the appointment.  We were so destroyed letting Chance go and are still grieving, and Danny has SO much personality, it's going to possibly even a bit harder, if that's possible.  Having to euthanize seems so much like playing God, which really disturbs me!  Thoughts??!  Experiences??
Mimi Zwart
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Hi there. I’m so so sorry I know your struggle very well. I had a Pom with cushings. He was 15 1/2 when I let him go. October 21 2017 was the day. He...just like Danny struggled with cushings for 1.5 years. I don’t know if you are treating Danny but I was treating Buddy and I think the Medecine was worst than the disease!!! Trisoltane is what he was on ( I’m sure I spelled it wrong) i used to pray for him at night cause he would pant from pain. I even asked God to take him if he felt it was best but I had to make the decision. It’s been 6 months now and I’m just starting to realize it was best for him. Our minds will play tricks on us with guilt! All I could think was that his life was in my hands and I let him down. I can now look back and remember his sleepless nights and how his walks kept getting shorter and shorter when in the past he could go for miles. I’m single and live alone so when I made the decision I also thought that I didn’t want to come home and find that he’d died all alone. I would have wondered how long he suffered and how much. I think no matter what or when u do it ... it will be tough! There is no PERFECT time. Just know that you are thinking of him and what’s best for him not for you. I heard once that we trade their pain for ours. They will no longer suffer or hurt... but we will hurt over missing them and their absence. My heart breaks for you. May god guide your heart and give you peace! I’m sure Danny boy would say “ LIFE WAS GOOD” when he has made his change of address!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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