Hi, my pug just a few weeks ago went in to get her teeth cleaned and the vet found a tumor. They ended up doing a surgery to remove a mast cell tumor on her groin right then (I’d never seen it).  Luckily it was grade 1 and the doctor said they got it all. 

Last night I just discovered another bump on her chest, about the size of a pencil eraser. It actually seemed kind of soft and doesn’t seem to hurt her when I touch it. Does this look concerning/like a mast cell tumor? I’m waiting for vet to call me back and nervous!

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It's always best to have your vet do a fine needle aspiration on new lumps. Dogs can have a lot of different skin-tags, lumps, bumps and skin conditions. Always air on the side of caution and have your vet do a quick, easy check. My boy had many lumps and bumps during his 13 yrs, every one I found would worry me but I always felt better once they were looked at by a professional. I hope you receive good news. 
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