Hey all.

My 7 year old cat Shadow was just diagnosed with lymphoma of the kidneys (FeLV and FIV negative) after original thoughts that it could be an infection; we took him in after one of his eyes stayed bigger than the other. He's lost interest in most everything, and it's breaking my heart. He's usually such a loving goofy cat. 

The vet gave him some steroids and said they could begin chemotherapy soon. 

Can someone please tell me what to expect? 

Thank you all, so very much.
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I lost my cat to cancer on November 21st. She died on the way to the vet's office in my car. She had good blood work the week before, but started to go downhill after the visit to the vet.  By Wednesday, I held her in my arms for an hour as she was having labored breathing.  I think I was in denial.  I thought this was just a flu or something.  By Thursday morning, she was just lethargic on the kitchen floor. I went to work, hoping that she would be alive when I got home.  Then I would take her to the vet at 5 pm. Well when I got home, she was laying on the bathroom floor, still breathing.  I put her into the carrier, and she was very weak, but I didn't know what else to do.  About halfway on the way to the vet, I knew she was gone.  When I got to the vet, he opened the carrier and I was in tears because I knew she had passed.  The vet checked her out and said, "she's gone, Deb." Since then I have been angry at myself for not taking her in earlier that day to shorten her suffering.  I did not know what she went through while I was at work and I think she waited for me to come home to say "good bye."   The vet said she had a tumor in her right kidney, which probably metastasized quickly.  She had no symptoms except drinking a lot of water. So I would tell you that if you can, don't let your pet suffer. Take them in early if you know he/she is terminal. The journey of grief is inevitable. My heart feels like it's been torn out. I don't know if I'll ever be the same. But I am very thankful for the memories and the fact that she had very few illnesses over the fourteen years until now.  My last can lasted 17 years, and I thought Jody would have a few years left. But it didn't happen. I will try to navigate through the grief by joining a support group next week.  Maybe you can find a pet loss support group in your area to ease the pain.  Don't get a new pet until you are absolutely ready. Take care, and I will keep you in my prayers.

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My cat, Jasmine, died of GI Lymphoma on January 7.  She was in remission for 2 and a half years with Chlorambucil (chemo) and Predniselone (steroid).  She was vary happy and strong the entire time until it came back on New Years Eve 2014.  She was gone so quick.  But the specialist told me if it came back it would be with a vengeance.  I wouldn't change anything we did.  She was very happy for the time she was in remission. 
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Rhonda, how old was Jasmine when diagnosed, and how early did you catch it?


It doesn't matter now, as my Penny as end-stage lymphoma, a likely carcinoma on her lung, and serious kidney problems. She's on predniselone as well and doing remarkably better than a week ago; eating, drinking, sunning herself, purring, etc; but I know chemo is far too much for her approximately 18-year old body to handle, and given the advanced stage of the illness.

Also, do you know the timeline for the development of GI lymphoma? I'm just wondering if something should've showed up on a test more recently. I suppose it varies quite a bit and I am just trying to make sense of things in order to feel better about her coming passing. 

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