I was just wondering if anyone has been through adrenal cancer with their dog. I have a Westie named Sugar that just turned 10 and has a suspected malignant tumor on her right adrenal gland. It was discovered through an ultrasound. 

A little background info -  I took Sugar to a vet specialists clinic to have an ultrasound in February 2016 at the referral of my regular vet. The ultrasound was "unremarkable" and no masses were observed. I had this done as a precautionary measure due to her ALP climbing. Anyways, this past July she got really sick due to IBD flaring up and primarily a severe case of pancreatitis. She was hospitalized for a few days and during this time she had another ultrasound. This mass was discovered at this time. I don't know the size of it, but they say it appears to be starting to invade the "vena cava" a bit. Also, it is their opinion that the tumor is inoperable due to it being so close to a main artery. If it was on the left gland, it might be a different story, but their stance is that there is nothing they can really do about it. The Dr mentioned that a chemo drug could possibly be tried, but she is afraid of the side effects that may occur and afraid of the pancreatits flaring back up. A few days ago on a follow up visit, she had a focal ultrasound and the mass has grown, but only by about a millimeter or so. They says these types of tumors are usually fast growing, but hers is a little unusual being on the slower side. Since then, I have taken her to another vet specialist, an oncology doctor, for a second opinion. This doctor looked at the images from the previous ultrasounds and she is in agreement with the initial diagnosis. They do "kind" of suggest doing an ultrasound themselves though, because they say can get a better look instead of just viewing static images. Anyways, I am looking at maybe doing this or even looking for another specialist. I have been to the only 2 in my immediate area (Nashville, TN), but thought looking a little further away if it would be recommended. Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, etc? I am kind of still in shock over this and am not sure what to do or what I can do. Sugar has a history of a few ailments, mainly allergies, but i never thought she would have cancer. At least not yet so to speak. I am willing to do whatever I can and want to make the wisest decision possible. Thanks in advance for reading this.
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I don;t have any experience with this kind, but maybe if you also post it to Pet Loss link here, you may find someone that does.Best of luck with it all. 
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