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Hi Lori,

I hope things are going really well for you and your family and with Luna this spring.

Very heartfelt thanks to you for the lovely, thoughtful post you wrote on my thread not long after heavy grief swept in and capsized me one night. For sure, those sharper edges can show back up suddenly and dramatically on occasion! I am soooo sorry for what happened when you took Luna to the vet. The same room! That sounds just devastating and I'm sure I would have come undone in there. Luna's reaction is remarkable! Connected, indeed, whether to your tender feelings or sensing something of what had occurred, she definitely had something to say about it all! 

I smile every time I think of the way you've grown to love her. Wonderful!  I do understand, there are days when the rawness of loss returns and we don't always know why. 

I don't think there's any doubt that a new furry one can help. I'm delighted that Luna's made a difference for you.  When I lost my first at age 17 in 2006, I tried to get a pup four weeks later. Turned out to be a smidge early, but I ended up with Marissa maybe nine weeks out from Misha's passing. The timing was excellent. I would have liked to have had a pup way before now, but there have been obstacles. Hopefully, I can before long. 😉

I imagine you and Luna have established some joy-filled patterns within your lives by now. I hope her presence continues to bring much light and laughter into your home. Hugs to you!

-Missing Marissa deeply

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Thank you for your sweet thoughtful words on Teddy’s thread on his 1 year and thank you for always checking on me. It means a whole lot and I dearly appreciate your friendship, comfort and support. You’re so caring and sweet.
I’m catching up on everyone’s threads and on your thread I saw the photos you posted of Luna back in February and oh my heart Luna is so precious, adorable, just so cute! I love her sweet face and how her cute little tongue sticks out. She melts my heart.
I hope you’re doing okay, I know Daisy’s 1 year is coming up in a couple months. Know I think of you and Daisy. Wishing you comfort and know she is always always with you. 💕
Sending you warm hugs and comfort ❤️

💕 Teddy & Jenny

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

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