Well, I made it official.  I have adopted Peanut.  I just couldn't see him going to someone else.  I feel in the 3 weeks I've had him, that I've known him all his life and he has known me.  I know what his needs are and what time he likes to eat and how much, and when he has to go out.  

I can also still Foster.  She has a 12 yr old Daschund at this moment she would like me to Foster.  I said yes. Peanut has such a mellow disposition, and is such a good boy. Wish me luck. I feel we are both very lucky   Sue
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Good luck.  What a great way to honor Winston.
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Susan, I am so glad, both for you and for Peanut. I had a feeling you would make him officially yours, he must have worked his `magic` on you ! I think Winston must have had a paw or two in your decision though. I certainly wish you luck, Peanut is one lucky little man, and Good Luck with the fostering !
                                      Hugs to you & Peanut, Jackie
J Taylor
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So happy to hear this, Susan.

Emotionally I am not quite there yet with Nala. Just have a feeling, she needs to be with us as we can do for her everything necessary to turn her fears around and also to get her to a healthy weight.

Wish you and Peanut all the best. So glad, she is with you.


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That is wonderful for you and Peanut!  I think Winston would be happy that another four legged brother is getting a great and loving home.
Sue E
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Thank you all for your support.  I truly hope my Winston is happy about my decision.  I love you Winston and Max.  I didn't do this to replace either of you.  Mommy needs a furbaby to love, just as I had loved you guys.  XOXOXO
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winstonsmom12 wrote:
Well, I made it official.  I have adopted Peanut.  I just couldn't see him going to someone else.

Sue, I am so happy for you and Peanut. Congratulations.
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I am so glad you decided to adopt Peanut. It is such a heartwarming feeling. Gives us all some hope! Winston and Max are proud of their mommy.
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