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First of all, I am so sorry for your loss.  My advice would be to follow your heart.  Not everyone is ready to adopt so soon after they lose their loved one.  With others, adopting helps with the healing process.  If you feel your heart is ready and it's calling you, then you should do it.  Maybe Casey is  telling you that she doesn't want you to be sad and there are many furry babies in shelters that are in desperate need of a home and love.  Maybe Casey doesn't want you to be alone.

I started fostering six years ago after my other kitty died.  I had her for 16 years and wasn't ready to adopt as I didn't want her to feel replaced.  I knew there was a need for foster homes.  I've now been fostering for 6 years and have had 80 kittens.  Bella came to me as a long term foster since no one wanted her.  She was in two separate foster homes.  Her second foster mom adopted her mom and three siblings and another family took the other two.  Bella had a severe heart defect and no one wanted her because it would be too sad when she died.  I was asked to take her because she was very sweet.  Very sweet was an understatement.  She was unique because she loved the all the kittens.  They would become her babies and she would be sad when they left.  There was always an adjustment when new ones arrived, but after a day or so, she would adjust and be a wonderful big sister to them.

Bella's little heart finally gave up two months ago.  If I hadn't been fostering, Bella would not have been given to me.  How blessed I was to have her.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue fostering without her because it will be a reminder that she is not here (not that I need a reminder).  But I feel as though she would want me to even if it's in her memory.

Fostering is a huge commitment and a lot of work, but the results are so rewarding.  Giving a start to kittens that would only know a kennel is a wonderful thing.  Giving them a home, watching them grow and thrive, teaching them to be held and play, taking care of them if they are sick is so worth it.    

I wish you all the best.  

Bella's mom
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Thank you for the encouragement.  I am so sorry for your loss, too.  Bella sounded so special - and so did your kitty of 16 years!!  You are blessed to have been surrounded by over 80 kittens and cats.  As you are a blessing to them.  I feel like it takes someone strong to foster.  

Wednesday will be a week without Casey, so that will be hard.  I plan on checking out the cat that looks like Casey on Wednesday (my day off) if she is still there.  Unfortunately, because I am back home with my mom...she is not done grieving (nor am I), so I probably can't adopt her.  If I was back at my apartment I would probably...ugh I don't know.  I still can't believe Casey is gone.  I probably could have kept her with me for a little while longer, but if her health was going to be decreasing and with all her health issues that were just getting worse..and with her age.  I think it was best.  I still feel guilty but it probably was best to let her go without being in total agony and horrid pain.
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I think you did the right thing for your Casey and didn't allow her to suffer. That was a very brave thing for you to do. I think when you, and your mom, are ready it might be best to get a cat who doesn't look like your Casey. I've read that is a good idea because then you will not unintentionally compare them or expect this cat to be like Casey (and feel let down). Meantime, you may get closer to your other little cat who seems to be seeking more of you attention now. Best of luck to you and I am very sorry for your loss!
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Thank you for the response.  The kitty I wanted appears to have been adopted already.  I am going to continue to try to get closer to our other cat.  She doesn't seek attention like Casey did, Casey always loved to be pet and just be around.  Callie on the other hand likes to do her own thing and doesn't like to be pet much.  Its hard trying to adjust.
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