Hi everyone, 

This past weekend I adopted two 2-year-old siblings, Boots and Carl. 
They had been with a home for 6 months before being returned to the shelter. Because of this, Boots became depressed and was not eating. The shelter assumed it was depression and closely monitored her. 

Then, I applied for their adoption. The shelter was happy to put her into a loving home. And thought this would help her depression greatly. They only told us she hadnt been eating when they dropped her off at my house. 

We adopted her and everything was fine. Boots immediately took to us. She was cuddly, perfect, sweet. She ate a little here and there, so we were hopeful. But things just got worse and worse. She eventually had low energy. We thought it was because of the low food intake. We were in contact with the shelter the whole time. The shelter said they would pay to have her taken to the vet.

Yesterday she seemed really lethargic. It didnt seem right. We were planning on getting her to the vet the next day. We spent tons of money on various cat foods to get her to eat. I was syringe feeding baby food to her. I was trying EVERYTHING. my heart was BREAKING. 

Thats when it took a turn for the worst. She could not even lift her head. She could not stand. Her eyes remained open. When she did stand, she fell down immediately. It was TERRIBLE to see. 

Thats when we rushed her to the ER vet. The news was bad. Her liver was failing. After numerous calls with the shelter, we decided to keep her there overnight just to see what would happen despite an awful prognosis. 

Then, she went into cardiac arrest. We went back and they did CPR which worked for a few minutes. Seeing her on the hospital table was terrifying. She laid there hooked up to a ton of wires, just dying. She had her eyes open the whole time. We made the choice to end her suffering and put her down. It was the most traumatic thing I had ever seen. I had never experienced that. 

As she passed, there was a tuxedo cat just like her brother Carl (same markings exactly) that out of nowhere came and was rolling around on his back, Carl's favorite thing to do. I looked back at Boots and petted her while she passed. I looked back up and the tuxedo cat was gone. 

We went home and cuddled Carl a lot that night, and sobbed. I was screaming in agony the whole way home. I woke up this morning crying. I am crying now. Carl is hiding under the covers. I am so scared for him. And so sad. 

To think. I was so excited to adopt these lovely cats. This is the worst thing that could have possibly happened. We all feel at fault. We all are to blame. We should have gotten her to the vet earlier. Please. If your cat is not eating, TAKE HER TO THE VET ASAP. You see things online about "it could be fatal" and you are always like ok well thats the worst case scenario. But it DOES happen. PLEASE, in Boots's name, please monitor your cats eating and be cautious. 

I am in utter shock. I am broken inside. She was incredibly perfect. We had just started to fall in love with them, and it ended in pure and complete heartbreak. I am just on here looking for some people to share if they had similar experiences. Thank you all.
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Baby Boots,
I am very sorry for your loss - and heartache.  There are no words to ease the pain, nor the shock of such a loss.   Please do not allow guilt to enter your heart, it will not go easily...You loved your sweet Boots and did all you could do for her...And, perhaps there was a sign at that moment - the tuxedo cat...
Your sweet girl was given an opportunity to feel your love and care for her short time.  She knew love and acceptance - she knew she had a forever home...She will not leave you behind - and will be near her brother and you - she will hear your voice and know it is the voice of love.  I am so so sorry for you and for Boots...
Lean on the caring and wonderful people here at the forum - do not go through this alone.
Take care - and know your sweet girl will be with you always.
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Fiona_W wrote:
babyboots— Hi, I'm Fi ("fee"). I'm replying to your heartbreaking story even though I only just joined this forum and haven't had a chance to introduce myself. First off, I am SO sorry to hearing about your wonderful Boots. I am sure that even though you only had her a few days that she died knowing she was loved. Given the story of not eating and then liver failure, it's possible Boots ate something that poisoned her—like a plant that's poisonous to cats. Was Boots an indoor-only cat or did she go outdoors? My husband, who is a botanist, suggested that Boots might have eaten lilies. But that's just one hypothesis.

But I have a more important message: You need to be there for Carl. He's only been with you for a few days, and so is not going to feel secure yet in his new home. And now he's lost his sister. He is going to go through just as intense a grief, actually more so, than you are feeling. He needs your support and love. And most of all, he needs your protection. If he's an outdoor cat, or if you have houseplants, you need to be sure there are not any plants that are poisonous to cats that he, too, might chew on and get liver problems from. In short, you need to make sure he is safe. If he's eating fine and shows no signs of illness, then probably Boots is the only one who might have eaten something, like a plant, that poisoned her.

How do you find out what plants are poisonous to cats? I suggest you google that information.

The other reason you need to be there for Carl is that his grief alone, without any other factor, can be acutely dangerous to his health. My husband and I have, over the 40 years of our marriage, had four pairs of cats—every single pair male and female littermates. And of course, it was nearly inevitable that one of each pair died before the other. In our experience, the grief a cat feels from losing a sibling can make them sick—or at the very least, be such a severe stress as to cause depression and immune system impairment.

Your experience of seeing that tuxedo cat near Boots as Boots was dying suggests that Carl was with her on some other plane, and knew she needed his support. I don't mean to sound nutty: such things do happen. I have seen a similar event myself.

So Carl knows that Boots has passed on. He needs you to be strong, and to take good care of him.
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This story just breaks my heart. What a kind and loving person you were to take on these little angels. How devastated you must be.

I'm so sorry for your loss. There is nothing harder than watching the decline of a fur baby when you are helpless to do anything. Especially when it looked like she had a fresh new start in a loving home.

Please don't blame yourself. We have all been there. Sometimes like doesn't care about our dreams and aspirations. And that can hurt like hell.

I'm so glad that your little kitty at least had a chance and didn't end up in a shelter. If it was her time to go, for whatever reason, at least it was in a loving home. That's all I can say because there are no words to compensate for your grief. 

Take care.

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