Hello, I found this forum in desperate attempt to find solace and and insight into my cats recent diagnosis of nasal adenocarcinoma. 

MaeMae had been breathing abnormally for about 2 weeks when I brought her to a feline specialist to see what was going on. At first she was just a little stuffy but it rapidly progressed to labored breathing. The vet recognized the problem was in the nose and not in the lungs so she performed a nasal flush. The right side couldnt get unclogged but the left produced a rather large chunk of tissue the size of a quarter. She sent out the cells to pathology and the results came back as adenocarcinoma. 

The last 48 hours I've read everything I could on nasal cancer in cats. Radiation and chemo are not only out of my price range but it sounds like the negative effects are more than what I would want to put her through. Especially since in most cases of this kind of cancer, radiation and chemo only buy you a little bit more time if at all. Im not sure I want my girl spending her last year in rounds of chemo and yet I feel like theres that chance it could make a difference.

The hardest time I have in accepting all this is that MaeMae is young. I got her as an adult but the vets best guess is around 8y/o.  She is other wise very healthy. Her blood work is great. Kidneys are awesome. She doesnt experience any discharge or blood coming from the nose and neither does she have any outward growths that I've read most cats with nasal cancer have. She still eats like a beast. And since the nasal flush her breathing is normal (Even though we know her right nostril is clogged). 

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has any experience with an otherwise healthy youngish cat with cancer and how they handled it. Did you go with radiation or chemo? Did you use steroids or anit-inflammatory drugs? If so, what was your experience? What am I to expect as her health deteriorates? How will I know when its time to end her suffering? I know cats are good at hiding pain so how will I know when it becomes painful? Does anyone have experience wit homeopathy? I am open to any and all suggestions or comfort through your stories.

Thank you and I am so happy to of found this site.
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I'm sorta in the same position.  I got my CeCe when she was about 5 wks old.  She will be 9 the 26th of this month...but I don't think she will make it till then.  Her's started out as a little yellow spot in the corner of her looked as though it was an infection.  So I put some antibiotic cream on her eyelids and on her nose close to the yellow sac (looked like it was filled with pus).  In a week or so it cleared up.  Then one day, there was a big scab on her eye...we took her to the vet and he said he thought it was a cancerous tumor...but that it might possibly be an infection.  (CeCe was an outdoor kittly...she would come in long enough to eat and want back outside...unless it was there was a possibility that she had got into a fight with another cat or some other animal and had injured her eye.)  So the vet gave us oral antibiotics and antibacterial eye drops.  In a week her eye seemed a little better so the vet said to finish up the oral meds and continue with the eye drops.  He said originally that if it was a tumor there was nothing could be done.  I didn't even realize that there were treatments for kitty cancer until I came to this site today.  So we moved her into a spare bedroom where we could keep the door closed.  (We have a doggie that she doesn't like very much...he wants to play with her and she wants to scratch his eyeballs out.)  A month or so later...the tumor had grown and even I could tell it was a tumor...very raw...bleeding.  We took her back to the vet and asked when?  How will we know it's time.  He said she wasn't in pain because she was still eating and drinking and that if she were in pain that she wouldn't eat or drink.  (She had actually gained a half pound in that month.)  Even if chemo or surgery of some sort were an option...I couldn't afford it.  She's not eating and drinking as much...and the tumor is now down to her cheekbone and you can barely see her eye.  Yesterday...she got out a window that my S/O had opened to try to air out the room.  I found first she ran from me...the finally hunkered down by the tire of my car and let me pick her up.  She has always loved being outdoors...and I got to's really being kinda cruel to her to not let her outside...but if she were outside...I may not be able to get her to give her the drops (they are now just to prevent an infection from setting in.  She may go hide...and may suffer before nature took it's I'm thinking it is time.  It's breaking my heart...but I want what is best for her...we can't tomorrow...have a people appt. at the only time the vet is open...but I think Wednesday morning CeCe will be going to the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm a Christian...and what has helped me the most today is seeing the Scripture about how there are animals in heaven and knowing I will see her again someday and she will be like before.

I can't tell you what to do for MaeMae...but please know you and she will be in my prayers.

Linda (aka CeCe's Mom)


Linda Gunnoe
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Hi MaeMaes mom. Last night I said goodbye to my beloved Tweety, who was about 11 years old. Adenocarcenoma in his nasal cavity. In August we noticed sneezing, and by September/October is was reverse sneezing. After numerous types of allergy medicines, we got a CAT scan and saw a tumor. The tumor was removed as much as possible and sent in to be examined. :( bad news. The vet gave him 6-9 months and pretty much 9 months to the day of diagnosis, Tweety let us know and we had him put down at home. The there is soo much info about this nasal adenocarcenoma. The best to do is talk to people like me who have lived thru it.MaeMae will have good days and bad days, and a couple "scary" moments here and there. Its important to pay attention to her and notice her changes. Keeping her company and comfortable is helpful for you too. Please feel free to message me and we can exchange emails. I used Eastern and Western medicines with Tweety. I did not go the radiation/chemo route because sedation daily + increase chance of catacts and blindness doesn't even cure the disease. Its best to let them go down this path and remember that they don't even realize they are 'sick' til the end. I learned this, its true. Anyway, I'm here for you.
- Tweetys loving mom
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