Hello - I have never really written to forums. But I would like advice from anyone who has had a dog with adenocarcinoma in the small intestine. We discovered it in June and had surgery. They removed a walnut size tumor from the small intestine and removed 10 CM of her small intestine. Plus did biopsies of her spleen, liver, lymph nodes and I think one other place. Those came back clean and the tumor was diagnosed as adenocarcinoma of the small intestine. We are now have a healthy dog and complementing chemotherapy with her to HOPEFULLY prolong her life to  2 years. The oncologist says 50% chance of having her in 10 -12 months with no chemo. 80% chance of having her if her if he  does the 2 drug for 3 sessions. one drug three weeks later the second drug - repeat 3 times and could expect to live up to 2 years. But there are no guarantees she will survive for 2 years. Meaning she could receive no chemo. and still survive the same amount of time as she might with chemo.  She is healthy and back to her old self - but we are told it will come back. What is chemo like with this cancer and what have others done. Thank you for any input.
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Sorry I don't have experience with adenocarcinoma, so I can't help specifically with that, but I'm told by my vet that dogs often do response well to chemo, and don't find it nearly as traumatic as humans do. If cost is not a consideration, then I would say give it a go.

My own darling boy (13yo Cocker Spaniel) has advanced lung cancer. We found out too late for treatment. He has been given a month to live, but quite possibly won't last that long. We only found out yesterday and are still in shock, but it does really make you appreciate each and every day with your baby. I am riddled with guilt that I didn't find out sooner, when something might have been able to be done. You know your own pet best and you are the only one who can make this call, but if it was me I would want to know that I had done everything that I could to help her. Whatever you decide, accept your decision and make the most of each precious moment with her. 

Sorry I couldn't be more help with your dog's specific condition.
L Pearce
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