i’m utterly devastated. for a bit of backstory, my family and i had a beautiful six year old persian cat that sadly died a little less than a month ago. he was our first family pet and we loved him to bits. after around two weeks after his passing, we decided to get another cat, since the house felt extremely empty and sad without Richie. we got this little eight week old black kitten with gorgeous blue eyes. he captured our hearts from the moment we saw him. he was the most innocent, curious and happy little guy. he would always bite my hands and scratch my legs, run around the apartment with his toys in his mouth and then fall asleep in my arms. his name was Archie. over the course of a week, i grew to love Archie with my whole heart. he had helped us so much with the loss of our Richie, especially me. today, we couldn’t find him - we looked for him in the whole apartment when we saw him lying in his blood - someone had accidentally killed my baby boy. i cant get the picture out of my head. the loss of two cats in less than a month is absolutely horrifying and overwhelming. i feel so guilty and disgusted by myself for cutting his life short. he was only nine weeks old. it breaks my heart that i’ll never get to see him all grown up and handsome. i need an emotional support animal due to health reasons, but i am so scared of getting another cat and having it die again. i miss my baby so much and feel absolutely horrible.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet kitten Archie, too soon after losing Richie. Kittens can be tough but they are also fragile. Losing Archie was a tragic accident. You did not mean him harm.

My condolences,
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So sorry but what happened? Someone killed him inside your apartment?
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Oh my goodness that is extremely tragic and I am so sorry. No one should have to go through that. :( My heart goes out to you and your family. 
What is remembered, lives. xoxoMaple
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What a devastating experience, and just awful, terrible luck. My heart goes out to you and your family!
Please understand that this was NOT YOUR FAULT. Life can be heartbreakingly random, and this was one of those inexplicable events that can't be explained.
You loved your dear Richie, and Archie was the recipient of more of your love and generosity, as brief as his life turned out to be. You may find it helpful to also speak with a trauma counsellor (I believe there are crisis hotlines for this) in an effort to process your pain.
My deepest condolences, and I wish you peace.

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