My baby girl. I cant believe it has been a week already. I can't believe you're gone. I catch myself still thinking you are just in the bedroom, maybe in the climber looking outside or curled up on the blanket under the bed. Even doing laundry tonight, I was planning on coming in and sitting with you, talking. Doing dishes I was thinking the aame thing. I get to the door and I realize the reality of it all... I think I am still in shock, my Booster Meow. Everything is still where it was when you left that day, and all of the things I did in my routine, Im still doing.
I looked for you in the window when I was cutting the grass.. The tree that planted itself outside your window is getting so tall, even in just one week. The neighbor must think your mom is crazy leaving it there but it your tree, and you have been watching it grow. Its beautiful. I don't know what it is but I call it The Abbey Tree.
As,I write this, DJ, Willow, and Riley are in here with me.. I wonder if they know how long you've been gone. I know Willow misses her buddy, shes in here all day on the bed.
My Boo.. did you hear me call your name yesterday when I was praying? I hope u did... and hear me tell you how much I love you..
Mornings are especially hard without you, my Abbey girl. I m still opening my eyes early thinking I need to kick everyone out so we can have Boo-Time, just you and me. I miss that... petting you and hearing your beautiful purr. You were always such a happy cat. Well at least when it was you and I alone (smiling). I miss telling you about my day and talking about yours and playing w the catnip carrot and watching you wiggle and roll around from the catnip. You always made me laugh, my beautiful baby girl.
"...or even be glad just to be sad thinking of you.."

I love you so much, Abbeyboo. My smart, funny, beautiful, sweet baby girl.
This house is so empty without you.

Please come see me in my dreams, my Booster Meow. ..I need a Booster hug.

I love you always xo
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Hi Stacie,
I can't believe it's already been one week. I feel so sad reading about all the reminders of your beautiful Abbey and I know it is so painful for you. 💔 I'm so sorry you have to go through this again.
Thinking of you and sending hugs and a wish for healing.
MJ 🤗
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Thank you. I do ok for a couple hours and then it hiys me.
I miss her so much
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Hello my friend Stacie, I know these are tough times. I'm sorry you lost your beloved Abbeyboo. I too hope that she will come and visit in your dreams. Take Care please,
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Thank you, Sampson. I appreciate you're caring
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