Good day my beloved sweet little angel

Yesterday was one year since you passed.  I meant to post yesterday but the computer was in the shop and I just got it back this morning.

Shadow and I miss you everyday.  Even though you are not physically here, you are always with us in spirit, in our hearts, and in our memory for the love and joy you brought us.   

We love you and miss you forever.  Mummy and Shadow.   

Miss Mia Mimms
March 9, 2003 to September 9, 2016
Let not our thoughts dwell on the days of our sorrows,
but rather on those that brought us joy, brightness, and peace.


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So beautiful. Love the blanket, perfect match!
I'm sorry you lost your baby. I'm glad you have another as comfort.
Life changes forever. But, remember the love and memories always.
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