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Thanks Beastcatsmum & every1; this site has helped me a lot too.  Another thing I'm trying to get myself thru this is I bought a couple of plush, stuff puppies to have lying next to me at night, when I read, etc.  I usually don't like anything that isn't real--can't even hardly read fiction anymore, sigh--but this seems to be helping me 'till I can get myself toughened up & go on without ever having a dog again.
Hey, gals, like being able to drive & vote? Thank a feminist!
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That picture of Sugar is ADORABLE !
She is your soul animal and nothing can separate you !
Energy cannot be destroyed but it does change form.
It is hard for us without the physical feedback, but they are with us.
Please look up the work of Brent Atwater.
Watch her videos. 
You will understand how miraculous your soul relationship with Sugar is !!!

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Thanks,loveourdaisy, yes she was adorable, wasn't she?  Well, I'm glad I got to be with her (and all the other dogs I've loved) for the time I did.  And I hope I will eventually get over the sadness & the anger of knowing we're too old to get another dog.  I know I need to toughen up--and I'm trying, I'm trying--since I realize I'm a member of a large club:  if you live long enuff, you'll start more & more having to say goodbye forever to people, pets, activities, & places you loved; just the way it is with old age, it happens to everybody who lives long enuff, it's not just me.
Hey, gals, like being able to drive & vote? Thank a feminist!
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I am so sorry for your loss. I also learned that people can be very insensitive, this forum helped me more than anything. My Dachshund, Scooter, died suddenly on 2-5-15, our neighbor who knew him since day one said "at least he didn't suffer". Scooter was healthy until that morning and her remark just tore into me. She doesn't know that his spleen ruptured and yes he did suffer. She actually walked away before I could tell her. My brother two weeks later said " you still miss him after this long?". I learned not to talk about my baby to anyone who didn't care. My heart goes out to you and please know that we all understand.

Take care,
Jonancy...Scooter's Mama
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Just wanted to add i so agree with Beaglemomma.  I'd be your cellmate lol
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Thanks, this site has got to be 1 of the best, I have found more, kind sympathetic caring ears on here than anywhere else.  Thanks again, hugs to you all!
Hey, gals, like being able to drive & vote? Thank a feminist!
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Just wondering how you are doing?  Each day goes by, I know, and at times we are sometimes not sure where it went or how.  
Know your Sugar is near by with you - and hug those stuffed dogs - Sugar knows each time it is a hug for her!

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CKMP said something so profound !
"Sugar knows each hug is for her ! "
That is wonderful officerripley !

Worrying about something we don't have any control of 
is just fuel to make us really sad. And we really don't have control
over anything except the parts of life we open ourselves up to . . .

Our little girl transitioned three years ago next month and we have
not been moved to get another dog.
You want another dog and Sugar could be nudging you that way.
She knows better than anyone the LOVE you have to give !!!
Don't forget to watch Brent Atwater on youtube.

We have a friend that has a small business with toy breeds and she is 
going full out. She will be 82 this year. 
She has people in place and some money set aside just in case.
We have the same set up for the large animal we do have.
Anyone of any age should have those same arrangements for any 
animal they have in their care . . . no one ever knows what will be.

And if you rescue an older dog that only can stay a couple of years it will 
hurt a lot, but Sugar will be able to meet that sweet soul and you will have had
the joy of that time !

Follow your heart ! 
Forever is only the beginning . . .

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Thanks, all, for the kind words & thoughts, hugs to all of you.  Since I don't believe in anything for which there's no proof, I'm pretty sure I'll never get to hug my Mom (who I still grieve for 4 yrs after her death), Sugar or any of my other dogs who have died.  But this site really helps; people here are the best, thanks again, all.
Hey, gals, like being able to drive & vote? Thank a feminist!
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I too at one time did not believe, or think there was anything - however the more I read, the more I experience and the more I reflect, the more I came to think there is a life energy in all that never leaves - that it is what makes nature 'work'; our compassion stay; our kindness grow and our patience lengthen. . . Very wonderful thoughts and words from loveourdaisy I think, we are never too old or maybe should never get too old to open our hearts when the time is right. . . . Mysterious things do happen . . . 
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I am so sorry for your loss. Sugar is adorable. You are so correct. I do not speak to anyone about my feelings. I have lost count of everyone saying just get another pet. I don't want another pet. At the moment would be for the wrong reasons. I'm getting another poster size photo tomorrow. 3 months later still hurts.
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Yes I know what you mean. Its 3 weeks tomorrow that my beautiful Bella died under an anaesthetic. I thought the days would be easier but there not. I miss that little face and I have never know such deep overwhelming sadness but it seems not many people care really. They look at me and think I'm crazy because I'm still sad. I will be sad until I meet her again over the rainbow bridge
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Sugar is beautiful! Just by looking at her picture, I know she was as sweet as her name.

I'm very sorry you lost her. Every time I read stories like yours, I'm reminded the horrible pain I felt when my dear boy passed, almost a year ago. It brings on feelings so painful that words cannot begin to describe them.

As far as your warning is concerned, you are right. Some people are incapable of loving animals and are still caught in the old way of seeing them as machines and goods we can buy and replace as soon as they do not work anymore. That mentality frustrates me beyond belief, and I'm sorry you had to put up with such rudeness and ignorance. My feeling is that you will never encounter such people in these forums. Here, you are among friends and loving people who understand what you are going through. I owe a lot to the many forum members who have helped me find peace after Tsuk's passing. I hope you may find the same peace here.

Sending you thoughts of healing,


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Officerripley, I'm so sorry about your loss. We DO get it here. My Mikki (schnauzer/cocker mix) crossed the rainbow bridge on June 8 and my heart will never be the same. I get similar reactions---basically, get over it.

Unfortunately, it's not that much different than when my husband passed away 4-1/2 years ago. At first everyone was wonderful, but after about four months people seemed to expect me to be recovered! I think people don't know what to say so they try to shrug it off or they really get tired of hearing about "it." Truthfully, I've never recovered, I just don't talk about it anymore---it's held quietly in my heart.

I was given even less time when Mikki died due to cancer. "Just a dog..." People don't understand and it seems that they are getting more hardened to our emotions. Maybe it's the way of the world these days, people just don't want to process more sad news.

This is my long way of saying that you're not alone in your grief for Sugar. We all understand and are dealing with it ourselves at some stage. Feel free to share your emotions, as I've discovered, you're among friends.

Mikki's Mom
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