We became a devastated family yesterday as we came home to find our 15 week old baby girl Daisy Mae lab puppy fighting for her life. She had been fixed the week prior and we have had no complications and everything looked to be healing like it should. Our day started just like every other with her hungry at 5:30 am for her breakfast sitting patiently on her rug. A few hours later we need to run some errands for the day gave her treat in her kennel and told her we would be back in just a little while. Not knowing that she was going to be leaving us. We came home and I knew something was wrong as she wasn't excited in her cage and wagging her tail. She was laying there with vomit around her and her insides out. She had ripped her incision open when vomiting. I screamed for my husband and we immediately took her to er vet and told them to do whatever!!!! It takes. We knew it didn't look good bit we all prayed, me my husband and 14 year old son (this was his puppy) they were able to keep her alive for about 3 hours and then we received the call that she had received those special wings that were made just for her. We left to go say our goodbyes and she was the most beautiful peaceful baby girl laying there in no more pain. I haven't stopped sobbing and don't know how to cope with this loss. I have 3 other dogs and they are as important to me as my human family. We waited for so long for her, to be taken so quickly from us.
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Im so sorry for the loss of your sweet Daisy. I hope you can find some peace & comfort.
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I'm so terribly sorry about little Daisy and the shock you and your family have had to endure. Did the vet know what caused the vomiting? It breaks my heart to read her story. Retriever puppies are so adorable and loving.

I don't know that there really is a way to cope. We have to go through the grief process and stages as they hit us. We pay a terrible price for their unconditional love when they're gone, but the joy they bring to our lives is worth every moment. I lost my Golden on June 18 after a 13 day hospital stay. He was supposed to come home day 14 but took a terrible turn. I had to rush to his side and send him to the Rainbow Bridge in my arms. His 10th birthday was yesterday which was very difficult. The pain is as fresh and raw as it was then, but I found some comfort when I was able to bring home his ashes, set up a memorial for him in my curio cabinet in the living room, and meet people here who truly understand. I also go to grief counseling every week but I think being on here helps more. For the first month at least I was totally absorbed by all that happened to him and his unexpected passing. I felt terrible guilt over many decisions I was forced to make, some I wasn't comfortable with, and especially that he wasn't at home when he passed where he felt safe, secure and comfortable. I'm also comforted by the fact that we had an incredibly wonderful life together, he was always by my side as I work from home, he knew I love him more than life itself and I know in my heart I did everything humanly possible to save him no matter the cost.

Little Daisy knows how much you love her and that you did everything to save her. She knows she was truly a part of your family. There's nothing fair about this no matter their age or the circumstances. They never live long enough. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing she's safe, happy, healthy, free from pain and has a multitude of playmates at the Rainbow Bridge, including my Murphy, while she waits for the day you join her.

Murphy's Mom (Kathryn)
"Sometimes there is a dog who is so special, he is able to wrap himself so completely around your heart it is impossible to tell where you begin and he ends."  For My Beloved Murphy, 08/31/2004 - 06/18/2014
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Hi Kelli,

Reading your story rips my heart out. I adopted a chocolate lab mix on Sunday duke and he is about 13 weeks old. We have been in and out of the vets office all week as he has been vomiting and won't eat. No one can find a solution and he is melting away refusing food. Our vet is giving him until tomorrow but he recommended we let go if things don't turn by that point. This week has been a roller coaster and I already feel we have lost our puppy. I don't want to go to bed tonight knowing the emotional pain tomorrow will bring. My prayers are with your family for healing and remembering you pup. Reading these forms helps a little to know we are not alone.
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