I have been on the hunt for the perfect final resting spot for Wesker since we brought his ashes home. Nothing at the vets office or online seemed to stand out or fit my little guys personality. Today we stopped in to Gordmans of all places out of the blue. Walking down this aisle on a table that it shouldn't have been was this trinket box. The box was white and it said love you till the moon and back. One of my favorite songs is Love you this big by Scotty McCreary, Wesker used to sit on my lap when I'd sing along to the song, I think he enjoyed it too. I started to tear up in the store cause I knew that this was it. Wesker knew I was struggling finding the perfect place for him. I miss him more than I can explain to anyone. The hole in my heart aches daily for him but today I smiled cause he always knew when I needed a pick me up or when I was really stressed and struggling.

Thank you little guy for telling momma you're still looking out for her.

I'll love you to the moon and back.

♡r.i.p. Wesker 05-10-13♥
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Great box.  How wonderful that Wesker is still looking out for you.  I know how hard just getting by day to day is, but so pleased that you've had a sign and hopefully this will give you a little comfort today.
Thomas Cat
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In our hearts forever
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  Wow that is amazing. I do hope this gives you a little comfort. And I am so sorry for your loss. Bless you and may the winds of peace touch your life from time to time in your time of sorrow.

Star's Mama
RIP our beautiful shining Star. We love you and will miss you always and forever.
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I think that is truly amazing too! What a beautiful thing to happen. Their Spirits can speak to us in so many different ways.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Thank you guys.
Its been a tough week and finding this box helped so much. Some days are better than others. We adopted a brother and sister and adjusting with them home brings mixed emotions. Theyre starting to warm up to me and I think wesker helped with that. I miss wesker though watching these guys run around brings me joy but an ache at the same time.
Thinking of all of you.
♡r.i.p. Wesker 05-10-13♥
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Our sweet Babies watch over us and send us little signs all of the time.
They want us to come out of our grief long enough to pay attention
to see the signs.
I think this box is a sign of LOVE from your sweet baby to you.
You are in my thoughts,
Susan (heartsick)
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