First I want to say how grateful I am to everyone one here for being so kind and understanding, I feel terrible cause I am like a broken record, Everyday I talk about my quilt of loosing my baby girl, 2 weeks ago, I keep trying to remember the happy times, my little girl gave me 17 loving years. But I can’t stop the guilt of letting her go, I feel so selfish cause I held on to long, something happened today, I been praying for a sign from heaven that my baby girl is at peace and is in heaven and can forgive me for letting her go, and as I walked out my back door today, there was a red ladybug on my screen, she was eye level, and I just stood there and looked at her, she didn’t try to fly away, i can’t even remember the last time I have even seen a lady bug, much less one on my screen door. I have faith that when we are struggling and we ask God for help, He hears us, I can’t help but to wonder was this little lady bug the sign from my baby girl that she is at peace and in heaven with our Lord Savior? I love her so much, the pain of watching her pass was more than I can take. I see her little face all the time. I really hope this is the sign I was praying for that my baby girl is at peace in heaven, I hope this will help me with this overwhelming guilt cause at times the guilt overtakes me so much that I don’t even want to leave my house, I can’t eat, I cry non stop. I have no one to turn to cause my husband says he is about fed up with me constantly crying and I have to move on, my son says I am my own worst enemy cause I let the guilt and depression takeover and all I am doing is making myself sick and I need to understand it was past time and I had to let her go and now I have to let go and move on. I don’t know how to make this guilt stop, I dont know how to make the thoughts of seeing her tiny face and eyes as she took her last breath, I don’t know how to stop seeing her when I wake up in the middle of the night and look over and not seeing her laying there. I know my vet said even if I spent thousands of dollars it would not have saved baby or brought her back to the dog she was, and I made the right decision and brought her in before she suffered, but I can’t let go of the guilt. My question is, does anyone else think that their pet has somehow contacted them from heaven in a spiritual way to let them know they are at peace?
Thank you everyone who reads my threads, you have helped me so much with your kind words and thoughts, and knowing everyone on here feels like I do and feel the same guilt and grief. God bless all of you 🙏
Diane Broomfield
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Your girl will be safe and well.

Yes my Misty contacted me directly. I sensed her loving energy and her joy and freedom....many a time over this past 7 years and more. I sensed a tremendous peace, love and total remembrance of what a deep bond we share.
I have absolute direct proof of that.

Grief always causes us pain and suffering and tears. We can't avoid that. I cried for missing my Misty, even though she had shown me a wonderful Soul place, and how she lives in it now. And how Love goes on in a very real and living way. Yes I still had many tears.
It takes a lot out of us, that someone we love is no longer a part of everyday life.

But send out your love to your girl, and I know for a fact she will "hear" you.
Do not give up hope because they do love us always.

May God bless you too, and be with you and comfort you.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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I am sorry you are hurting. I am too so I know how hard this all is

I posted this in a facebook group I found this picture about two months after she died.  I didnt seem to understand this was a message from her until several hundred people I've never met pointed it out.  Sometimes I am clueless

I pasted her photo here as well so you can see... it is her The marking are so unusual to find out there.  Its a great comfort

Zooni's Mama
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hello so sorry for your loss. My pet Magic who left me 2 months ago contacted me so many times. I thought I was just being crazy and imagining things but when I visited this forum and saw similar stories I felt not alone experiencing those things

He first contacted me in my dream. In my dream which was only seconds long focuses only on his face and he gave a long blinked in his eyes somehow saying somehing to me because when he was still here I always blink to him and he will blinked back. That's our way of communication

Then my mother had a dream of him being a black and white butterfly biting her hair. He used to bite our hair when it's feeding time. Then in our backyard we saw black and white butterfly multiple times. We rarely see butterfly with that kind of color in our backyard only now And my cat's color is also black and white

As days goes by. I starting to hear a single knock in one of my chair or tables like he was jumping or something. At first I thought it just a wind or something. I tried getting rid of things to remove that kind of sound but I still hear it. I tried changing my computer chair or moving the table or moving the cables in my computer to not cause any kind of sound but then I still hear it. The sound starting to appear every 9 pm in the evening and then every 7 to 9 am in the morning. I got scared because this is my first time experiencing this kind of things but I tried to conquer it and talk to him to be able to say i love you to my cat even if I only feel it and not see him. I told this about my mother she said it's not real and I am just imagining things then I asked her to sleep in my bedroom she slept multiple times but there was one time she said to me as soon as I woke up she also heard the knocking/jumping sound in one of my tables or chair and told her I am really not imagining it since she heard it herself

And the most scariest part is sometimes when I open the window every morning I heard a jumping sound in my windowed type aircon which is a metal outside the window. Even his sister who is sleeping beside me  woke up because of the loud jumping noise That is his favorite hang out place every morning every time I open the window. It happened about 3 times

Then last one while I was sleeping on my side. I heard a low meow sound coming under my pillow I checked if it's my other cat but she was sleeping comfortable beside me. and the voice sounds like my cat Magic. This happened about twice

I am feeling very scared but since I love him I tried to face it and talk to him saying how much I miss and love him

I know what I am experiencing is crazy but I really felt it and this is the first time in my life I experienced this kind of things. My cat was very close to me and I treated him like a baby and my own child. Sorry for the long post. I can say that what you are feeling is normal and it is real that they are also trying to contact us through unexplained or unbelievable circumstances
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It really makes me feel better knowing other people have had signs from their fur babies to let us know they are at peace. After I saw the lady bug on the screen, I was looking at pictures on my phone, and there was a little video of baby girl. It was several months old, but it was a video of me petting her, the thing is, I never remember making a video, I had pics of baby, but this was a small video,and music was playing. I can’t explain how this video was on my phone, and how the music was playing. I know I sound crazy, but I can’t begin to explain it. I really believe my baby girl wanted me to see the video and remember her how she was before she got sick. I miss her so much, I cry hours at a time. My dr has me on Xanax but all that does is make me sleepy and pain returns when the meds wear off. I feel like a part of me is gone, like a part of my heart is ripped out. Sometimes I want to fade away, I feel so alone. The support I get on here means so much to me because I have no one to talk to, my family says I need to move on and it was time for baby to go, but they don’t understand the bond I had with her, but everyone on here understand because we are all feeling the grief of our beloved fur baby. Thank you again for all the kind words and support. God bless all of you 🙏
Diane Broomfield
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Dear Diane, I relate completely to your post. I feel the same. My girl, Indi, died one week ago. I am struggling to find meaning and purpose and direction, but that is ok. The ladybug was a sign, do not doubt. Please do not listen to anyone who tells you how to do your grieving.

I have a story of Indi connecting with me after death. The day after she died, our neighborhood cat came by our house. She hung out on my porch, my yard, my chair for most of the day. She hasn't done that since last December of January when it was so cold out--we let her in, and that's when we first met her. She is a very social kitty, explores the entire neighborhood every day. She shows up the first time since winter at my house--the day after Indi dies. It struck me immediately and I knew.
Someone in this forum told me earlier in the week to order the book "signs from pets in the afterlife." I just got it yesterday. There's actually a name for what Indi did--"over-souling," where one soul temporarily inhabits a body. Indi was using KitKat to let me know she was still here. There is mention of the ladybug and other signs as well in this book--all that people have mentioned here.

My heart aches all day and night for her, I long to hold her, smell her, kiss her again and I can't. But I do want to learn to talk her new language. I believe there is so much we are capable of, and it's just a matter of learning a new way of relating and connecting.
meghan kenney
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Hi Diane,

I’ve definitely felt my two beloved pets since they’ve gone. Several nights, I felt something jump up on the bed, just like my cat Puck used to do.With my beloved dog Max, there have time when I just felt he was there. I talk to them both all the time, and sometimes, although I can’t see them, I feel them.


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Yes!! It was a sign from heaven. I had a vision, my dog was leaving earth and entering heaven. A beautiful place , full of light. You mentioned our lord savior. I do believe it wasn't my dog giving a sign but God. He let me know my baby is fine and in his hands. So yes!!! For sure, God sent the ladybug to let you know your baby is fine.
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