I wrote this poem on the one month anniversary of my beloved cat's passing. My heart is still broken. I will always love you, my little crumb.

On these nights
The four walls seem too small
To hold my grief
I've been looking for her
When the four walls fall away
I'm in an amphitheater of stars
And i find her
"Thank You," I whisper, "Thank You."
I'm awake, I feel the tears
I'm grateful, full of peace
I'm agnostic, with little faith
After she was taken
tucked into a bed of blankets
like a sleeping baby
I have been looking for her
She was revealed to me
In the stars
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Dear Kudzu:

I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved cat.

Three weeks ago today I lost my beloved fur baby cat Mia.  Thank you for your beautiful poem, it expresses a lot of my emotions these past three weeks.

Take care, Cynthia.

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I'm glad the poem spoke to what you're feeling. I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby Mia. We are so lucky that our sweet cats shared their precious lives with us. Hugs.
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