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Your words touched my heart. Thank you. I have a 9 month kitty who just doesn't understand yet. I do believe that one day we will see them again. We have to. I also have my moments where I feel like I'm screaming inside.

I got something in the mail today and I feel like it ripped my wound open. I picked up mimi's remains and in the mail today there was a card from,the vet. It had a beautiful poem inside and then a card and note from dr. Then her pawprints on a laminated card. I lost it. If only to be able to see her paw prints forever.

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I know I'm getting here late but I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I know all too well the inescapable sadness that fills every second of the day. The loss that reaches so far deep down inside that it's often all we can feel. And that trying to adjust to the "new normal" is just too much to bear at times. The idea of getting used to their absence seems in and of itself a betrayal of how much we loved their beautiful little souls.

The day I received my beautiful little girl Fiona's ashes and paw print and lock of fur, I broke down again. The way you described it as ripping the wound open is so accurate. There were times I could not even bear to look at the shelf where I placed her urn along with her pillows and blankets.

The wounds are still very fresh for you. They will heal. Although saying that doesn't make the present any easier. I still cry over my little girl to this day and it has been nearly 6 months. Please know that my heart reaches out to you in this truly sad time.

Mimi is so beautiful. So much soulfulness in her eyes.

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