When I lived with my parent's years ago, our dog, Biscuit passed away. So did our pet rabbit, Skippy.
And recently, a few months ago, my first very own pet, Tulip passed away. She's a Cockatiel.

I've always hated when people used the word, Acceptance in the stages of grieving because accepting what happened never actually happens. Always wished that another term would be used for that. And we never 'feel better' about it either. We may learn to cope with it better over time though.

No matter how you are feeling, guilt and/or grief together.
Just try to remember something special....our pets' love us to the moon and beyond. They would do anything for us. During their lives, we absolutely adore seeing them happy while they feel the absolute same about us. Remember, they sense our emotions, moods etc. When we were sad, they were. when we were happy, they were. And our pets are the most forgiving beings on this Earth. They'd never want any of their owners feeling bad. We made our pets happy as they did us.

I know I felt the same with Tulip as do every other pet owner....I wanted nothing more than for her to be one happy pet. Every pet has their own way of showing they love us and are happy.....all of those times you saw that, you did it. Every since the very moment they come into our lives. When they physically leave our lives, they wish for the same.  That never ends. They are just watching us from a different view.

They know that we miss them but also let them know that when we think of them, those memories also make us smile. They still want nothing but for us to be happy and healthy.

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I'm sorry to hear about Tulip as well as Biscuit and Skippy. No matter how long ago or how recent, the impact pets have on our lives is Legendary. This is the first forum I have ever posted on so I'm not really sure I know how or what to do. We miss our pets always, let's just try to remember all the good times we had with them.
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The word "acceptance" in grieving simply means a 'willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation' or 'to recognize as truth'. It means you are no longer in denial. It does not mean you 'approve of' what happened. It means you are able to move on with hope for the future. It doesn't mean you will never feel sadness, anger, or guilt about the situation again. I know the word "acceptance" can be misunderstood, so I just wanted to clarify. I believe most of us do reach acceptance and are able to move on at some point.

Sorry for the recent loss of your Tulip. Hugs 🤗.

You have written many comforting and uplifting words. I hope all who are in need of them are able to read them. 🕊

Furry Love Is Forever
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