Like many of you here I very recently lost my Best Friend. Diego has been memorialized on my website where he had a permanent section devoted to all things Diego:
Lord Greychin

Posts of this extraordinary cat are listed on the right-hand side, but there's one Post I'd like to call attention to (once again):
You Have to Believe

As I begin 2020 I'm reminding myself to BELIEVE. That Hope does spring eternal. And even though I found myself crying again last night over the loss of Diego, I look at this photo of my new-found love, Ramses, and have to laugh:

RAMSES (12.30.2019).jpg 

I'm sure the grief and tears will continue to surface for a long time. But there will be joy and laughter bubbling up as well.

That is what I wish for each and every one of you - in the coming year and forever (furever) after.

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