So, it's been over a week since I have lost my Mollie. I miss her so much everyday and I still cry, but it has been getting easier.

This weekend, my husband wanted to look at puppies. I was hesitant at first but growing up, there was always a dog around...it just feels so weird not having one after Mollie's passing. So, i mustered up enough courage to go. We stopped at a local breeder that someone recommended. There were a ton of puppies. Initially, we went in just to look. We had no intention of picking up a puppy, just to get an idea of what we would like next.

When we showed up, I felt that it was a bit sketchy. We did not get to see the living conditions of the puppies and the lady was very unprofessional. We decided to keep on looking anyway. Well...I came across a little Cavachon pup and my heart melted. He just stared at me and looked so sad. I knew we had to take him out of there. So, we left with him that day.

When we got home, he seemed very lethargic and didn't move around much. Then not too far after, we noticed a ton of blood in his stool. We called the ER vet line and they wanted to see him immediately. After a check fromt he vet, the pup did have a parasite that needed treated with antibiotics. I was so upset that this breeder would give away a sick puppy. Lord only knows how many other pups were sick as well. I would like to think that we were meant to pick him up that day. I feel he wouldn't have recieved the medical treatment that he would need if he was still there. We will be reporting that breeder.

As of today, he is a very happy puppy. He has gotten a lot of rest and chowing down his food. He's playful and loves our 7 month old. We decided to name him Sailor.
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You should call your closest Humane Society - not Animal Control because then the animals will end up in a shelter and be put down.
The Humane Society will investigate - if they are not an accredited Breeder then people need to know. Bloody Diarrhea could have also
been Parvo. Did your little one have any veterinary papers to prove what shots he had? There are so many puppy mills that pose 
as Breeders. You said that something did not feel right to you - those "gut" feelings are always right. They are called "gut " feeling for a reason and
when we follow them we do not make mistakes. I am glad you saved at least one of them.
You are in my thoughts.
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Yeah, we have his shot records. And the vet tested him. No, parvo. Thankfully.
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