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Natcho, congratulations for your courage. This is a hard step, but a necessary one. The way I see it for us animal lovers is, not having another pet will not bring back our last one :'(
There are millions of homeless animals that deserve love too. I don't think any of us will ever feel "ready," but you just get out there and make yourself do it. I'll be in the same boat in the somewhat near future, as I love animals too much not to get another one at some point. Right now I'm just fostering a new kitty to fill the emptiness in the apartment, but it's temporary. Just picked her up today. It's only been 10 days since I lost mine so I'm obviously not ready for a new permanent pet. But this way I know I'm helping someone in need while trying to mend my shattered heart. 

~Our Love is eternal & 'death' cannot sever the bond we created. The spirit never dies. The Love, bond, & spirit are ours to cherish always. That is a gift that will never be taken away~
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