Dearest petloss community, I'm sharing that over a week ago I finally adopted.

My new cat is 4 year old female, that mothered 5 precious kittens. All her kittens found a forever home too. She's a DSH or ASH all black. And she's polydactyl. The adoption center named her Hemmingway. Once she arrived, I labeled her tag (as a volunteer) Lady Hemmingway to soften it. She's very sweet and very gentle. I officially named her Lady Mel Hemmingway. (Fyi, Mel is Latin for honey, bcs of her sweet temperament).

Memories of Ginger: Yes having another cat at home naturally brings Ginger to mind. A certain sense of guilt, but it goes away quickly. After all, it's not a replacement. It never was and never will be. There's room in my heart for both pets. For many pets really. And they each have very different personalities.

Overall I do not regret the choice to adopt. My own birthday is in September. The same month I lost Ginger. After adoption I read that Lady's birthday is also in September. It's somewhat poetic. I still love Ginger of course, I still wish she was with me, but I am happy with Lady. Ginger's new sister.
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Well done! That is great news! Thank you for giving Mel a new home. She is a beauty as you are!

I always tell my Rescue Kitten "KID" about his "Uncle Marmalade." My cat Marmalade liked kittens for some reason, even if they were not his.

As I've written here on the forum, whenever I am feeling very blue and down, KID will do something completely unexpected and ridiculous or be very affectionate and supportive. When he gets the "Zoomies" running at high speeds, from room to room while Trilling, to let me know he wants to "Play Play" he makes me smile and laugh and reminds me to live again.

Happy Holidays!

It is nice to see you smiling.

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Thank you so much James!

I'm glad your kitten Kid has been there to lift you up in low times. Watching their antics is so amusing and heart warming. They make a difference in our lives.

Happy Holidays to you too :)

Warm hugs
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