It's been a little over a month now since I lost my sweet Dusty. Some days it feels like yesterday, others is feels like years have passed. We are slowly adjusting to our new normal without her. I still find myself feeling guilty. Why did I leave her? Why didn't I just bring her home? She could've spent her last day with me and not at the vet. A part of me will always beat myself up for that. We got her a beautiful grave set up in our backyard, right where the sun hits every afternoon so she can sun bathe. I still cry when I look at her pictures and wish so badly to hold her. I feel guilty for laughing and playing with her siblings. Like it's wrong to live without her, am I crazy? When does it stop hurting so bad? How can I not feel guilty for going on with my life without my Dusty?
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Awww ... sweet little Dusty. I am so sorry for your loss.

A new normal. That's a good way to put it. We have no choice. We must deal with the pain, the void, the sadness, the seemingly never ending tears, the change in routine, and all the emotions that wrap around it.

Thank you for the lovely picture of you and your baby, and the wonderful memorial you made for her. The hurt and guilt, which is all to common when we lose a fur family member, will dissipate with time. May the lovely memories of Dusty someday exceed the extreme sadness you feel one month later. It's still way too soon to be over it, IMO. She looked like a special little kitty and she will always hold a place in your heart.

Take care.

RIP Dusty :(
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oh, I love the picture of you and Dusty!  That's precious.  And the memorial you have for her is so special.  I am so sorry for your pain and your loss.

Like Peppermint said, a month is still soon.  I lost my cat Timmer yesterday and I'm feeling so raw and sad about it.  My house feels empty without him.  My whole life revolved around him, even though I have another cat, she doesn't interact with me.  I still Love her a lot.  But Tim's personality just clicked with me.

I don't think there is a single pet owner who has let someone go that has not felt some guilt.  I'm not diminishing your feelings in any way.  It's normal to wish we had done this or that differently.  Your kitty had a great life with you and you did what you felt was best.  That's all we can do.

I've had lots of pets over my lifetime and each one special but Timmer was amazing.  It never feels like you will stop hurting, dear, but you really will.  And the pain will be replaced by all the sweet memories you have.
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Hi Dusty's mom,

Just wanted to echo the statements here that what you are feeling is normal. It's absolutely heartbreaking, but normal. I have felt a lot of guilt about my dog Norm, especially as I become accustomed to life without him, but I try to remind myself that he would not want me to stop living and enjoying life on his behalf. It doesn't mean we miss them any less, or that there will ever be a replacement. I heard someone else on here describe it as a "pet's name" size hole in your heart. You will always have that Dusty-sized hole in your heart, but that doesn't mean there isn't room there for your other animals, or that you are betraying Dusty's memory in any way by living with your new normal. Dusty would find so much peace in seeing you heal and start to be okay. Never the same, but okay.

As for when it stops hurting, it can be a slow journey, and everyone is different. Coming here and reading the stories of others was comforting to me. Their early posts were so raw with grief (which I could, and still can, relate to), and then you read on and watch as a beautiful new relationship with their fur angels is formed. It provides some comfort, but it's no replacement for being able to hold your sweet Dusty again, and that is okay too. We are all here for you. Be kind to yourself during this very sad time. 

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I am sorry for your loss dusty was a adorable cat 
shine your light down on me
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