Marley ....there’s not a second of any day that goes by that your little furry face isn’t in my thoughts and heart.

I feel so lost without you here.

The world is such a terrible place without you in it I miss you and I love you Marley Moose❤️

My Baby.jpeg 

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I’m at the one month point for Deeder too. I think of him every day too and 
mIss the little guy terribly. Still not sleeping in my room. He always slept with me. I place his ashes in all his favorite places. My heart and being aches for him. One month went by quickly. Going over in my head all the decisions I made concerning his medical care and ending being put to sleep. Questioning them and analyzing them. I just wish I could see his sweet face again and fall asleep with him on my chest or pillow. I know you are grieving your beautiful Marley just as hard. It will be easier in time but right now it still hurts. May the days ahead be filled with loving memories and the comfort of their gentle spirits surrounding us with their love. God bless, Jeanne
Jeanne Swift
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