It has been a month without you but it seems only a day. Only a day since I last saw you, heard you, were able to hold you in my arms and simply feel you there. The empty spaces where you should be are filled with memories. I don't want you to be a memory. I want you here, with me, so that I can keep your face in my head for more than a moment. I want you happy, running, doing all the things you would do and no one else does the same. The little things, the big things, all the things in between. To see you again, for more than a thought, I would do anything. To have this all be a nightmare, a terrible awful dream where I have lost you, and for you to appear like you do in my daydreams.
I love you, I miss you, I love you.
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I’m so sorry. The anniversaries are horrible. I had my cat euthanized on March 2, so I’m in that same recent shock. 
Your kitty was absolutely lovely, and the content, happy-eyed look on his/her face says clearly that they were loved. 
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