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Jim & Julie

Oh my what a sweet pictures. Ollie looks like he is dreaming wonderful things & what a lovely little face Sadie has. I love to see cats sprawled out with their long bodies, so chilled like mini little tigers & I also love to watch them walk so slowly & elegantly. I used to remember the ginger cat Garfield. I liked him. I also like Salem ( although he isn't ginger.) from the sitcom 'Sabrina the teenage witch'. He is such a funny character.Wonderful cats!


Daisy's mummy 
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Beautiful cat.
October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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Hi Julie,

Your "Sadie" is sooooo adorable. Thanks to for sharing with us. I love her tiger tail too!

As we know only 20% of orange tabby's are female, so that makes her even more rare and precious.

Thank you ever so much for taking her in and giving her a real home.

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Since I've communicated with some of you on this post, I wanted to quote my update from my thread that I started last  year. I'm not sure why it doesn't show me updates on the forum, but I've spoken to a few of you previously and I appreciate the kind words. I wrote a Euology(?) on the 1 year anniversary of Talyn's passing, and I wanted to share it once more on this thread. (my apologies for the repetition):


Today (July 7th) marks the one year anniversary of your passing, my dearest Talyn. The last half of the year is just a blur to me. It seems like forever that I smelled you and held you on my shoulder. At the same time it seems like just a few days ago that I was rushing you to the doctor. My life without you has been extremely mundane. You truly were a divine gift to me in a time when I needed to be enlightened. 
"When I needed a hand, I found your paw"

I've been heart broken without you. Your essence is still so deep in our apartment. You still have a longer residency here than any of our neighbors! We made such a life together here. I still have difficulty accepting the fact that you are actually not returning, even though I know. I still incorporate our habits together in my life. I also have habits that will never go away thanks to you! I played your last birthday video again. Now that the the 4th of July has passed, that was the last of the 'first holiday without you since...' as an entire year has come and gone...

You changed me as a person forever my special boy. I love you forever and beyond. I look forward to seeing you again when it's my time to leave this world, and I know I will! In the meantime, I struggle to be motivated without you but try to be patient. I carry on in your honor and do what I can to help all felines out there who are abandonded and hurting. You were truly a furry feline angel. You were larger than life. 

I went into the woods today and walked to the spot where I placed you. It was difficult to get to and I almost didn't find it as the underbrush (and this odd vine-like plant) has pervaded the surrounding ground. I finally did after much effort. I brought a hibiscus cutting but put it in the wrong spot by mistake. It wouldn't have survived anyway. Then...I looked over about 30 feet, and saw the spot! In a span of a year the trunk had broken, and it was hard to spot as the underbrush has grown over most of it. I found your spot, it was covered in a canopy of vines that actually grew over and covered the area but didn't grow through it, like a protective shell! I was able to cut away some and there it was underneath, a hollow space protecting your spot! I found the stone I placed there, then looked up slightly and saw the branch I had laid over it like a lean-to. The most amazing part...a patch of bright yellow wild flowers has grown over and round your spot! They aren't anywhere else, only around you my precious Talyn! I know how you liked the hibiscus and wild flowers! It seems so perfectly arranged by the powers that be. I know you saw me, and heard what I said so I won't repeat it's our secret. I made a more visible marker for next time, and took better note of the location. I couldn't get a hibiscus that you liked, so i took some wild flowers and planted them on top of the marker I miade...
I know you saw me as I spoke to you, remembering the great times we had together playing, rolling around, walking outside together, playing hiding seek, and the 'behind the door game' you liked so much! 
I'm packing your most favorite toys and belongings in a box along with those slipers you loved so much, and the blanket and a copy of all your pictures and videos for future posterity! I will be labeling and packaging them all and putting them in a box just for you, including the last birthday gift I gave you.

I hear that bird every moring still that we both woke up to. I remember sometimes already being awake, just waiting and as soon as it starting cawcawing, you perked up an ear...I remember all the times we sat in the chair together while I did stuff online, and how you used to grab the mouse when you wanted my attention!

The new girl is grateful, kinda cute, and has learned a lot of what I've taught her, but she doesn't interact with me or talk to me like you did my little tiger :(
She can't learn the karate flip I taught you either. She won't sit with me much. She does like to be scratched in the right place, but she isn't really the one, but I'm sure you see that I had to help her or she never would have made it being pregnant and having the issues she does. I will do right by her in yoru honor, Talyn.
Everything that was ever good and right in me was reflected in you!

I try not to commiserate, but when I see you and hear you in my mind, I just feel hollow and empty again as I reach out and cannot touch you. 
I don't think a single night goes by that I don't talk to you in my dreamscape. 

I honestly believe that God wouldn't allow a love like this to exist ony to end forever. I really feel that. I will always hold you deeply in my thoughts, and remember you as I strive to make our lives better as I did before. I will never stop loving you, my precious Talyn!

Your Companion on Earth,




Thanks again to those who I've spoken to this past year who have understood and sympathized with this trying time (MJ, James, Baileysmom, redgirlraven, and several others)...
Ronnie A
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Orange/Blonde tabbies will always have a special place in my heart! I'm glad you found another companion!
Ronnie A
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Hi Ronnie,

I read your Eulogy for your Talyn again. It is so gentle, tender, loving and kind. Your words resonate with the feelings I have for my lost boy Marmalade. I am so glad that you have so many fond memories of your boy, as I do of mine.

Talyn's resting place sounds beautiful and special. Which is very fitting. The flowers growing are no doubt a sign. That vision made me smile and warmed my heart.

I am honored to have made your acquaintance here on the forum and feel like I know Tayln, through your eloquent and heartfelt words. Thank you again for sharing them here with us.

Kindest regards as always,
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Your little Sadie is quite a looker. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 

Warmest regards,
Jim Miller
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Thanks James, and likewise! I am glad we met here, and I think about your stories as well, since some of them share parallels to a few times in my life also.

best regards,
Ronnie A
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Hi Codysmum!!

Your Sadie looks exactly like the ginger that came to me in my backyard a week ago and is now living in my house!!  Except for the white around his nose....he is more soft orange there.  I hope he gets nice and plump just like her.  This boy hardly sheds.....does yours?  It's rare, isn't it, to have a ginger female?

Take care,

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[Shared from My Rocky to James & A Miracle Story With My Marmalade]

My Rocky would have been 14 this month of August and it is a little over a year since he went to the Rainbow Bridge (6/13/19).

I miss you so very much Rocky. I think of you all the time ... look at your photos ... talk to you even though you are not physically here. I hope you are safe and happy wherever you are ... at the Rainbow Bridge, I hope ... with Rascal and your daddy, Robert ... and Marmalade, Bubby (Milo), Talyn, and all of the wonderful pets here that have made their way to the Rainbow Bridge. Today, August 1st ... is the beginning of our birthday month. Since the Pets In Need Shelter was not certain of your actual day of birth, we always just recognized your birthday on August 1st and all of August. I miss sharing our birthday month together ... we always did that. I thought you would be with me for much longer and am definitely missing you here. You were my little love cat ... always there with me ... so loving .. so very precious! My heart is sad without you. 💔

Happy Birthday my sweet Rocky. I miss you so much and love you always my little boy cat ... my Rock!

Some of my favorite Rocky photos.


Rocky's Mom, Michelle

Michelle Kinkaid
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Dearest Michelle,

I have been wondering how you have been and thinking about you and Rocky. 

Thank you for posting here. Even though I never met Rocky I feel like I met him through all of your wonderful and memorable stories about him, that you've shared with all of us here on the forum.

My heart is still broken missing my Marmalade, as I know yours is missing your Rocky. Thank you for remembering Marmalade and for always remembering and paying tribute to your boy the way that you have. Rocky must have been as amazing as my lad was.

Cheers to the Orange Boys and Girl who impacted our lives in so many loving ways!

All my very best & kindest regards,
James XO
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Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to chime in and say that my thoughts are with you during this 'anniversary' time. I also do many of the things you mentioned as well (talking to him, etc), and I also expected Talyn to live longer than 11. He was my dearest companion, and I still talk about him in the 'present tense' and love to just say his name (until someone asks where he is...). I just shared the anniversary of his parting as well. My thoughts are with you and those who have shared this journey and who I've gotten to meet here - it is greatly appreciated. I appreciate the understanding that each of you have shown.
Ronnie A
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