HI there Folks
I am just quickly popping on as coming on makes me so sad. I think of you all often. I have never really got over my babies loss and still cant seem to look at pics without crying so my heart breaks when I read your stories

 I found this yesterday. I dont know if you keep any of your furbabies fur. I am so glad I kept Gemmas. This lovely lady can make them in to hearts....check out her page


I have ordered my little heart which shall be made with Gems fur today...cant wait to get it!

Love Julie x
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Thank you for popping on. I love the poems you included in your message. The second one reminds me of how I felt when I lost my grandmother when I was growing up. I did feel like she was always with me and that brought me such comfort.

My beautiful JR, an Arabian horse, passed 17 days ago. I am so lost without him. I just found this site yesterday. I couldn't cope with grieving on my own any longer. I am encouraged by all the stories I read. I know I am not crazy to have loved my animal friend and companion so dearly. He is my soulmate. And grieving for him is going to be a long and difficult process. 

I hope you will read this sometime and know that you made a difference in my healing. Thank you!
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Thanks for sharing that site. The hearts are a beautiful tribute. I saved the fur from my last three babies who have crossed the bridge, but not much I will have to see if they can make a small heart for me.  

Vivian M.
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