Hello everyone. I just want to say that I hope everyone who is suffering from grief can find some peace and comfort. It has been 5-1/2 weeks since I lost my soul mate of 15 years Shadow. Trying to live without her now is and will be the most difficult thing I will ever do on this earth. My body literally aches just to touch her, and the reminder every day that she is not here crushes me. My heart goes out to others who are struggling with grief. It is a deep, dark hole we have fallen into. I have reached the point where I can look at Shadows pictures without completely breaking down, but they still bring tears to my eyes. My girl was in such bad health when she passed, but I would sell my eternal soul just to have one more day with her and watch her run and play again. I am grateful for the many years I had with my girl and I tried to make her life so happy in every way. She was my hero, my soulmate, and my best friend. I can only hope that the creator who created the beautiful universe and cosmos, also created another beautiful, loving, safe, and pain free place called heaven that our babies can run and play with healthy bodies again. I miss my girl. I love you Shadow.
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So sorry about Shadow. I wish I knew what to say...... It’s 11 weeks since my Lily passed and it’s so difficult. The grief is brutal, last time I was this depressed when my Mom passed. We had a previous dog but I don’t recall the grief being this bad. I’m good if out of house then cone back to here, it’s empty. We have no kids so this is hard. I may volunteer at shelter to walk dogs not sure if good idea or not..... I want another dog eventually but hubby not interested.
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ShadowDad, I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl Shadow, truly, there are no words adequate enough to express my deepest condolences. What a sweet, kind face she has, a gentle soul.

We lost our GS Nell on Nov 18th, she was 10, 11 this March. She was a total darling, and we miss her dreadfully. Our hearts, like yours, longs to touch her, and hold her again.

Shadow, your sweet baby will always be with you, and watch over you until you are reunited again, forever. Take care.

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I’m so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Shadow!! Unfortunately & fortunately I know exactly where you are coming from! Unfortunately ...cause I too have been grieving so deeply after losing my sweet babygirl Latte’ on this past December 18th! She was 12 ...but about to be 13 on Christmas! It’s been 15 days of pure sadness, sorrow and anguish! Fortunately ...cause I can fully understand that deep dark hole of grief you speak of ...that we have fallen into! Also, the aches and longing to touch/pet our dogs & the reminder that each day brings ...that they are no longer here with us! Just crushing you said! In my heart & soul ....I do believe Heaven exists and that’s where they will be all HAPPY & HEALTHY till the beautiful day comes that we are reunited once again! I’m very sorry that I can’t offer some wonderful uplifting words that came out of this whole experience to help with your pain & grief ...I truly wish I could from the bottom of my heart! However yourself ...I’m just not there yet! Not even close! Please accept my condolences and know that you are not alone in your feelings and the tears that come along with such great loss! One day at a time ...and one foot in front of the other ...till we reach that place of “peace” in our broken hearts! My thoughts & prayers are with you!
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  I can certainly relate to your anguish. Next week will be (4) months since my beloved Border Collie left me. The pain is still palpable. I have a long, long way to go on my healing journey.  While I am able to function for the most part, I still cry when a certain memory pops into my head. It could be something as simple as seeing another Border Collie, or even another person out walking their dog, irrespective of the breed. It just overwhelms me like a tidal wave cascading onto the beach. One of my neighbors asked over the Christmas holidays if I was ready to get another dog. A few short months ago that question would've certainly annoyed me. Now fast forward a few months and that same question doesn't irritate me as much. I still don't like hearing it but am now able to handle it better. My neighbor isn't trying to be a jerk. She is legitimately trying to be helpful. I told her the following:  A new dog? You don't replace a dog the caliber of Shelby. It can't be done. No dog will ever be, in my eyes, comparable to Shelby. Maybe, I will feel differently sometime in the future but not now.  I hear you loud and clear when you said that you would sell your Soul just to have one more day with your beloved Shadow. Me too. Yes, I loved Shelby that much that I would sell mine as well. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way but you and I are on the same page as far as our love for our dogs go. It's forever love. 

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Hi ShadowDad, I am so sorry for your loss. She is a beautiful dog with a beautiful soul. I can relate to your sadness as I lost my Ellie Mae last week and it has been very difficult. I’ve cried until my eyes are swollen and my eating/ sleeping patterns are all messed up. My body hurts. I do have faith and hope that we will be reunited with our companions one day. I’m praying I will see Ellie in my dreams. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take it day by day. I have attached a picture of Ellie,
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