Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since you had to go away. I keep reliving that horrible day over and over in my head. I keep thinking if I had not been home maybe it wouldn't of happened. Maybe if I would of held you it wouldn't of happened. I still keep playing the "what if" game. I miss you so much it's painful. My heart actually aches. I wish I could know you are alright, that your happy. I need my snuggle buddy. You were the best fur baby ever! You were and always will be my best friend, my "mama." You took such good care of all of us. And I wish I could tell you I am so sorry. I am so sorry I couldn't protect you. I'm so sorry I failed you. You're boy, Jacob, finished his presentation and he did awesome on it. He was so proud to do a presentation all about you. Tyler still can't talk about you without tearing up. He love Dr you so much. You were his girl. Daddy doesn't like to talk about you much, but that's because he's still hurting. He still blames himself too. But we love you, so much, and nothing will ever change that. You are amazing <3 and I miss you and I love you more every second.
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That is so sweet.  It has been over five weeks for me and I still struggle with those same feelings.  I don't think I will ever feel convinced that I did the right thing.  I miss her so much every day.  
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We all play the "what if" game and blame ourselves for not doing enough.  I've had to put to sleep three dogs in my life and did this each time.  The guilt that accompanies it can be very heavy.  Just remember: you're not alone.  Pet lovers like you and I assume a deep guardian-like role with our pets and want to ensure their safety and longevity, so it's only natural to have these feelings after they've passed.

It sounds like your Kassy was well-loved and affected the lives of your entire family.  I'm sure he/she greeted everyone else's waiting pets on the other side of the rainbow bridge and someday, we'll all be reunited.  I'm sure Sahara (my recently passed golden retriever) and Kassy have already formed a special friendship.

Keep sharing your thoughts with us.  Only through discussing your feelings will you get through the long healing process.
Salinas, CA
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