Iv'e had many dreams of Pootie Paws appearing in good health in my dreams.
Researching the meaning of these dreams has helped.
If a dream of your pet seems the pet is their happy and healthy self,  they are trying to convey to you that you don't need to worry,  they want you to remember them the way they were when they were healthy
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I’m so happy for you, I’m sure this has brought you a great deal of comfort. I lost my 14 year old miniature schnauzer Chloe 3 weeks ago. I miss her terribly. She was my best friend, mender of broken hearts, constant companion and the best baby girl! She made me laugh every day and now I’m lost without her. I hope and pray she is happy and healthy, playing with other dogs, getting all the treaties she wants and laying in the sun which she loved doing. I’m heartbroken 
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I believe our pets can visit us from the other side.  I once dreamed that my childhood cat visited me at night and was sleeping on my bed.  When I woke up, I actually saw him on my pillow.  I found out the next morning that he'd been hit by a car the night before and died.  Their spirits do survive and will visit you when you're ready.  I'm glad that Pootie Paws is in your dreams and doing fine.
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I have had 3 dreams so far since Kiki has been gone. She always wants me to be happy and not to worry about her. I know she is doing well and is healthy and happy. I just miss her.
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Thank you, what a soothing thought... I dreamt about my girl last night, just playing in the grass and being silly. It was a sweet dream, and painful to wake up from. I'd like to think she's somewhere, whole and healthy, playing and relaxing.
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