It's a beautiful late fall day here, and I resented it so much because I lost my sweet Oreo on Sunday.How could the sun shine and the last of the colored leaves fall,and the sky be so blue when I'm hurting so much?

Then I remembered a day Oreo and I had in the summer,and maybe today was sent to remind me of what happened then.

She was well over 10 years old by then ,a little dandelion fluff of a cat, who never topped more than 5 pounds,but she insisted,very loudly and vocally, on her daily walks.

We went down to the creek.I sat on a bench while Oreo did her thing..cuddle,head butt,jump down,explore and repeat the whole process again and again.
Finally,she jumped on my lap,circled a few times,then flipped onto her back,all 4 paws waving in the air,and fell asleep.

I'm trying to relive what happened to me then,as I sat there,holding my sleeping cat.Nothing out of the ordinary,nothing earth shattering;we had done this so many times,but for that one moment I felt something I've never been aware of before.
For that one moment,everything was all right.It was as good as it can get.

I'm not a particularly spiritual person,or a church goer,but as I sat there watching the water flow and the trees blow in the breeze and my cat sleep..for that one moment..I felt the peace that passes all understanding.The peace talked about in the Bible..And I was so thankful I knew I felt it.

And,Oreo,sweetie,wherever you are,I know you're feeling that peace.
And thank you for bringing  it to me that day.

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Lizzi....aww, I'm so sorry about Oreo.  what a beautiful relationship you two had. It's sooo hard to lose our little loves.  He's your angel baby now. That is so good that you remember that day, that truly is being one with the world and your little Oreo....he had to have felt very safe, and loved by you to be that relaxed.
I'm really sorry for your loss.  Judy
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Such a beautiful story, full of magical love and peace. I'm so glad it brings you comfort following the loss of your sweet Oreo.

My thoughts are with you.

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I am so sorry for your loss as well. Thank you for your comforting words to  me. It is never easy to have to let go and we don't want to ever, but we know that the day will come when we have to do it.
Take it one day at a time,

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Thank you so much.
Funny,when I got your post,I thought immediately of Thunder and Oreo meeting at the bridge.Knowing Oreo,I'm sure she'd want to cuddle up next to him.After reading about your Thunder,I'm sure he'd let her.

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What a beautiful memory. The change of seasons really brings up the memories for me too. Oreo sounds like she was such a lovely girl. Thinking of you,

the other Liz

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