I read this today.  It was part of an article regarding the things we humans can learn from dogs.  This one part really struck a chord with me and so I am sharing it with all of you.

"Love is the only thing that really matters. If you are breathing, it's a good day. Neither of us is perfect and it doesn't matter. Real love sees no flaws. And when I get old and my eyesight isn't so good and my fur is more raggedy than the Velveteen Rabbit, you will love me anyway. To the end of my days. And I will do the same for you as long as I can and after."


My sweet Peanut, you are the sunshine of my life and I will love you forever
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Peanuts Mom

So true, thanks for posting this.

Jonancy...Scooters Mama
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So very true...  We will love them always no matter what. Thanks for posting..
Hugs...  Dali's mom

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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True and so, so heartbreaking
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Thanks for sharing. It is the perfect reminder of what is the most important!
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Thank you for posting this. The first line especially. Love truly is the only thing that matters.
I love you forever. I like you for always. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.
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