Two nights ago, I held my best friend's head in my hands as his heart stopped and his soulful eyes closed for the last time. Nearly 12 years prior to the day, I brought home a puppy in cardboard box. Though he was full of wonder as he explored a world he had been in for only 8 weeks, there was a wisdom and soulfulness in his eyes.

At the time I thought I had done the good deed of taking in a rescue dog. 12 years later I know now that I was the one who was rescued. And while he depended on me for food and water, it was his love, loyalty and companionship that saw me through the darkest days of my life.

Not a second goes by now that don't miss the sounds of his nails on the hardwood floor or his ability to capture a room and make everyone laugh. What I am thankful for the most is that he never once complained or failed to leave his bed to join me through long nights as he protected me from loneliness.

I truly believe that now that I am married with a beautiful new daughter he knew his work was done. And that somewhere, some other broken-hearted fool, with a wonderful heart unfairly full of loneliness needed him.

In his last act of love he left me with heart full of memories, though it will be broken with the weight of his loss for sometime. In my last moments with him, I knew that I could never say "thank you" or "I love you" enough. He was far more than a pet or a friend. He was, in my mind, a guardian angel sent to watch over me til I found my way.

For all of you who lost a special pet, a confidant, a protector, and a best friend, my heart goes out to you. And if you were kind enough to read this all, then I thank you for taking a moment to help me remember my best friend. And just know that in your time of grief that pets don't die. They simply know they are needed somewhere else. And while their attention may go to another who needs them, they will never forget their friend or to take few moments to check in on you.

For my special friend, I will always love and remember you.

RMR - Rommel's Midnight Run
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Hi Jim,

I am so sorry for the loss of your extremely valued and handsome best friend, such a great photo of your boy (is his name Rommel??), he has such gentle eyes full of love.
Your boy gave you so much, helped you even more, like you said, he truly was your guardian Angel, we are so lucky to have such Angels cross our paths and help us when we need it most, now we need to use all that they taught us and try our best to go through each day in their honor, not an easy task to do, especially when your heart is so broken.
I wish such peace, healing and light to your heart. Hold the many cherished moments you shared with your handsome boy close to your heart and he will always fill your heart with his warmth and love.
Sending our most positive healing thoughts your way, may your heart find the peace it so desires and deserves.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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Thank you Don & Vera. Yes his name was Rommel. I got him when a new litter of 2 week old puppies who were without a mother were dropped off at a German Shepherd rescue. When I went to go see him the first time I noticed that he plowed over his siblings, and was undaunted by any obstacle between him and his water bowl. My friend said that he was like a little tank. Well being a German Shepherd and a tank allowed me to use my interest in history to find a perfect name.

Thank you very much for your kind words, and the beautiful (albeit tear jerking) Winnie the Pooh image.

Those eyes could disarm me in my moments of frustration with him. He used them to make people who didn't even like dogs find themselves asking me to bring him to their house when I visited. And painfully they are what told me it was time, hours before I found out about the cancer which was slowly stealing his beautiful strength, preventing him from following me around, and robbing him of that humble yet noble dignity that made him such a joy to be around.

I know the pain will live with me for some time, however I know that the sadness is only further evidence that I was blessed to have made such a great friend. And I know somewhere his paws are crossed, as he sits patiently, watching and waiting. Even if that place is in my heart.

I call it Rommel's Midnight Run because that is the time that he left me. And that dog loved to run, though his age and the cancer stole that from him. For me once that pain was taken from him, I can only imagine the first thing his spirit did was take off running.

Thank you again. My wife has had a hard time dealing with this and finding this place has allowed me to work through the grief by talking about him in ways that would only break my wife's heart even more.
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So very sorry for your loss rommel is handsome a very special friend indeed thank you for sharing your story it brought tears to my eyes cause they truly are special animals that tug at our heart and make our world so much better to live in my Ozzie helped me through a lot of dark times too and he was my everything he gave me purpose made me a better person and all they expect in return is a little love from us truly our best friends my heart is still aching and it will for a long time again I am truly sorry for your loss Rommel will forever be etched your heart
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RMR, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear best friend. It's truly a heart breaking experience, and thank you for sharing him with all of us. What a beautiful boy. Please know we're all here for you, and your dear boy continues to travel right with you wherever you are. That loving bond never breaks. Wishing you much peace and healing with your sweet boy wrapped tightly around your heart.

Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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So, so sorry for your loss.  You and your sweet Rommel will be in my thoughts and prayers today.  I wish peace and comfort for you and your wife.  Always know that Rommel will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge and he is well now ...

Big Hugs to you ...
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Although your posts are heartbreaking, I truly felt the love in your words for Rommel and the beautiful way you wrote about him. This is such a difficult journey, there are few words to describe the loss and the love we feel for them, but you did it very well. Blessings and peace and comfort for the weeks and months ahead.
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I'm so sorry ♡ your thoughts are absolutely beautiful . We were their angels , and now they are ours. Sending so much love and light to you
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RMR, you posted to me before I read what you have been through, and please accept my sympathies for your loss of Rommel. What a beautiful friend you had. I could genuinely feel your pain, as well as the love you will ALWAYS have for him. Relive every wonderful moment you had -- those are the moments that made your relationship, and the ones he would remember, as well. Enjoy every tribute to him you can -- he was and always will be a huge part of you. And cry. You must do that. Tears are cleansing, and although you will hurt, they'll someday help you smile again.
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