Hello everyone.

Some of you may be familiar with my posts regarding my little Chihuahua Daisy, who passed in August this year! I wanted to post this story which was I was looking forward to as it was at first such a positive and beautiful thing - Here goes!

Last month i was contacted by the wonderful vet charity who took care of Daisy for years.  They told me about a TV programme which involved all of the work they do to care for sick and injured animals..The topic i was asked to speak about was pet bereavement, which I spoke about, (and which all of us on here understand very well!), i also spoke about the help they gave Daisy  and the grieving process!  i spoke very openly and honestly and it was a difficult  thing to do!  

when I was asked, I agreed straight away, I thought it would have been a wonderful way to give back and I was thrilled! It was to help raise money! I thought it would also be a lovely little tribute that my Daisy could be part of a programme to help raise money for all her fellow brothers and sisters out there. 

the filming went ahead and involved my interview and I gave them (TV COMPANY) pics and videos of her to add which was to be shown in the clip.

After trying to find out the exact date of the programme, i received a phonecall from the tv company explaining that they had decided to remove the clip from the edit and therefore would NOT be shown! I was absolutely devastated and could not believe what i had just heard, after putting me through all that! They knew that I was grieving and I find it so unbelievably cruel. Before I was given that horrible news  I was so pleased that I was able to help and was thrilled that i had done it and was going to mention it on here before it was aired.

I know it's not my fault but now I feel like I have let my Daisy down by sharing those images of her all for nothing. It was extremely difficult but I thought 'it's for a wonderful cause', and now it's all been for nothing and I feel like they have trampled on my emotions and her beautiful memory.

i have requested the footage of her that was edited ( me and my Daisy) from the company.  i not only gave my time WHILST GRIEVING to help them put together that programme, but provided very personal, sensitive and sentimental material to help!  they wouldn't have the footage if it wasn't for me..i feel like i am now back to square one and all because of them. I am distraught and so angry.  They obviously think that it is acceptable to treat people this way, and they clearly do not care about the damaging consequences it can and has caused me.  I feel like i am being punished and all i want to do is heal..I have never been so hurt....I really cannot take much more..

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  I am so sorry that the TV company put you through that anguish. You have every reason in the world to be angry. You've already been through so much, Now to have this happen is unconscionable. Is there any Consumer Regulatory Agency in your town? If so, maybe you could file a grievance or complaint against them. They deserve to be reprimanded for their callous insensitivity.  I was wondering how you are - otherwise -doing these days? Are you having any dreams of Daisy? I remember about (10) days or so ago that you spent some time in a church near your home. I hope this was comforting to you. Angelina, you are a good person who deserves better. Please update us - when you are able to - and let us know how you are coping. It's OK to be sad. Things will get better for you. 

Hugs sent your way,

Jim Miller
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I am so sorry you are hurting so much.

It was a wonderful and brave thing you did to give the interview about pet bereavement when you are grieving. I could not have done that. I hope you are able to get the footage. Maybe it could be posted/shared somewhere else?

You did not let Daisy down. You honored her by doing a beautiful, difficult thing in her memory, with the intent to help other people and animals. She would not be disappointed in you.

Be kind to yourself.


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Thankyou so much for asking how I was..It means a lot.
I wish I could say I was better but unfortunately i'm not..
I am going to take thing's further.Ii want to file a complaint, seek legal
advice and write to a few people..I only found out today that i will not be getting the 
footage. i am devastated!!  the 2 people who were supposed to let me know didn't, they both said that they would let me know and I had to chase them both 
up to find out, with only one bothering to reply! the other is ignoring my emails and the same thing happened when Daisy's clip had been removed 
from the edit, both party's knew and failed to inform me. If i had not contacted them trying to find out the date of the show, i wouldn't have known, i would have found out by watching the programme. Now it is all over they have disregarded my feelings once again..One of the girls can't
even acknowledge that it was wrong to do such a thing and has tried to fob me off..They wouldn't even have that 
footage if it wasn't for me.  I was kind enough to help them yet they cannot even grant a grieving human being a copy.
It would have been such a beautiful thing to cherish and i was so looking forward to seeing it. 

it breaks my heart and feel like they have trampled on her memory and I want to shame them! 

I haven't had any more dreams but hope that I have some lovely sweet happy ones of her again.
i have been going back to that church quite often, every other day and feel somewhat drawn to it.
I feel at peace and feel better inside until I come out again..

wish God or something would help me because this horrible news was such a shock to me and hurt me so much.
I remember the day i was asked to help with the programme - it uplifted me so much.  My vet asked me, I guess it
would have been nice if he had called me just out of courtesy to say how unfortunate and dissapointing it was about the edit, it would have made me feel somewhat better, but don't really understand why he didn't. I just hope something
positive happens soon, it's killing me.

Thankyou Jim

i need to read you post also and reply also
I hope that you are doing ok yourself.




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Thankyou so much for your kind words.

To say that it was a beautiful thing to do in memory of my Daisy was comforting and I will keep telling myself this..I really appreciate your support.

Thankyou so much..

It's such a shame that human beings cannot be more like animals...


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Following on from this, I have taken action by writing to lots of people and to the tv people ( although not the complaints dep ) higher up and will also be taking legal action and speaking to some mental health charities. It's because of people,  and situations like these which make me loose faith in humanity!

in this beautiful church that I have been visiting was a piece of paper which read - 


May the sacred heart of Jesus be praised adored and glorified throughout the world this day now and forever more.

(underneath it written )

Say this prayer 6 times a day, for 9 days, leaving a copy of the prayer in church each day, and your request will be answered no matter how impossible it may seem.

well - I will start tomorrow..

i'm not religious as such, however anything is worth a try.... 
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  I am happy to hear that you wrote to some influential people about the recent TV debacle. They had no right to treat you that way. The TV station should also apologize to you. That's an interesting prayer that you mentioned. I, too, am not religious but saying that prayer (6) times a day up to (9) days may help you. I know what you mean when you say that people and situations like these make you lose faith in humanity. We all feel that way sometimes. But just when I have completely distanced myself from someone who has wronged me, it seems like someone - or something - comes into my life and performs a random act of kindness that restores my faith in people. It could be something as simple as someone smiling at me or a wave (or nod) from a complete stranger. It's uncanny how that works. Maybe, something positive will happen to you sometime real soon - when you least expect it. For now I think you are on the right track. Please let us know if anything good comes out of your (9) day prayer recital. 

Sending warmest regards & hugs your way,

Jim Miller
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What's going on with you? Kindly update us when you are up to it.

Warmest regards,

Jim Miller
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