Its been 9 weeks today that you have been gone...I wish I could say Im ok...But the truth is...I HATE this. I HATE that you are not with me...I HATE that I can't tell you how much I LOVE you. I HATE that I can't hold you again. I HATE that you will not be a part of this new year. ...I HATE that you will not share whatever events are a part of my life in the future.
YOU were my BEST friend....IT was always just U & I. Oh how I couldn't  wait to get home everyday to see you. I think about all the good memories of you as well as your final night with me...My heart is in a million pieces and hurts so much when I think about you not being here...when I think about your last night...Mommy is so sorry...I wish I could of taken away all your pain..I wish I could of made you well again..I wish I could of turned back time....I will Miss you every single day of my life....My love for you is forever....Chi were the joy of my life. IMG_0045.JPG 
joale reda
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I'm right there with you in HATING not having your baby to hold and love. I find myself saying really loud I WANT MY CHESTER. Your baby was so cute and I certainly understand your grief. Wish I had a solution.
Hugs and best wishes for better days ahead.
Chester's mom (Joan)
joan bartlett
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what a total cutie chi chi is.  I completely understand your feelings and this being the exact time I was driving dear Roxie to the emergency vet I found today to be rethinking all of last Saturday.  I hated today, I hate reliving this unbearable pain again, I hate not having her here to hug, kiss or simply hold her head in my lap - mostly I hate my new days without my helper.  i have resigned myself to the knowledge that this was the best for Roxie and my life was made an infinity better by the soul behind those gorgeous brown eyes.

joan, you are not alone hon and today along with almost every day of this past week i screamed "roxie i want you back" so many times that i made my throat sore.  this forum has given me a new found positivity towards humans in general as still being compassionate with plenty of love to share.  here i also find encouragement, raw emotions which only come from the total loss of a loved one and the ability to reach out to total strangers and accept each of us as kindred souls.

if i had one wish for 2016 i'd wish that we all could have back a few magical moments with our babies so we and they could say see ya later on our own terms.  just a wee bit of one last happiness with them to last us our lifetime until we cross that bridge and are reunited with them forever.  warm thoughts, many hugs and prayers for all of you.
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Your chi chi looks just like my baby. I am right here with you. You see right now we arr supposed to be on our evening walk. He would be giving me that stare and a bark "come on". I hate this too. I am waiting to wake up from this nightmare. 28 days of living hell.
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