I needed to read this today and hope it will also give some comfort to everyone who is grieving for their precious pet....

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Thank you that was beautiful.
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This is beautifully written.  I needed to read this especially the ending.  Thank you!
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Thank you for sharing this....I too, believe in paths being planned and that all living things have a purpose. And that we are all energy and energy never dies. We all did the best we could for our pets and yes, "grief is the final gift of love given from one to another, and the depth of that grief is a measure of the strength of the love between the bond". Thank you again for this read.
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Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you for sharing! We said goodbye to our dog of 15 years yesterday and this was helpful
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Thank you for this post, I will reread this over and over, for the loss is so recent that I find my mind a bit foggy, grief has a grip on me.
I like the part that talked about how we loved our pet's spirit, her personality. Very meaningful to me. 
I need a little more time to understand that soul's time to depart loved ones is planned long ago.
This article gave me glimmers of hope.
Now it makes sense that I thought I heard her.
Bella Boo I love you!
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It has been 7wks and 2 days since I had to release DZL to go to the Rainbow Bridge. This is the first time in 44yrs that I have been totally alone. I never missed my ex husband THIS MUCH! DZL was my trusted friend for 10.5yrs, the last 3yrs it was just him and me. There were some hard times in those 3yrs and he was ALWAYS by my side.
This article made me smile and cry. Thank you for sharing! MAMA was so blessed to have chosen your family. Bless you all and may the sweet memories help heal your hearts
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thank you so much for this post. I lost my Casey at 16 yrs old and it devastated me. I am still coping but have adopted a rescue dog which brings me so much joy. I sometimes think Casey is channeling through him by some of the behaviors he does that she did. That may sound crazy but it brings me peace.
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Yes, thank you for sharing. I miss my beloved Sweetie every day and while it brought tears to my eyes in good and bad ways, it was a wonderful article.
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Thank you for posting this. It made a lot of difference in how I feel.
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I'm posting so this article will get bumped up. I needed to read it again and think many others will benefit from it as well.

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Thank you so much for this article.  I lost my beautiful little Scottish Terrier Abby on June 19th and our heart aches for her.  She was so very sweet, loving and loved to talk.  The house seems so very quiet...her brother Angus is not much of a talker and sometime we just snuggle because we are missing our Abby.  Your article gave me comfort and there are times that Angus and I feel her presence around us.

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