Today is her 9th month at Rainbow Bridge, I try to be positive and think "I'm 9 months closer to being with her" but Honestly I am a mess. I wish someone could understand how sad I am, I wish I could juts talk about her without people trying to change the conversation. I feel so alone with this, the only time I am at peace is when I sleep. I wish I could just sleep till it's time for me to see her again. I Love you so much My sweet Belle, I miss your brown eyes, and the way your tongue used to hang out of your mouth, I miss your ears, and kissing your paws, I miss you greeting me at the door, I miss having you to cuddle with me when I have a bad day. Nothing is the same without you, nothing. Te Amo con toda mi Alma mi Bely Belle Cascabel.
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4everBelle, I totally understand the unbearable sadness that you are going through. I absolutely dread waking up in the mornings knowing that it is another day without Bosco. Bosco’s favorite thing to do was to spend the day laying in my bed, so I find myself staying in the bedroom more and more. It seems to be the place that I feel closest to him.

I pray that everyone who is suffering from a tragic loss will find peace.

Take care of yourself.

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