Hoping someone can help me here.

Our little bug (Spooky) was so happy and high energy just weeks ago. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic leukemia this last Saturday under an ER assumption while road tripping 2000 miles from home, and seconded by a local ER after a brutal 50 hour road trip home. We're still waiting for a test to come back to confirm it's acute, but we jumped right on the L-spar injection to help steady her out before meeting with an oncologist. Before this she was given a blood transfusion and put on steroids and antibiotics. She has now started CHOP.

To start, this last Friday when we first had her looked at, her blood percentage had dropped to 13% and initial WBC counts were 104K. With RBC being 1,400. During her transfusion she went up slightly to 16%, with a second transfusion putting her at 22%. However, her WBC increased to 114k. After driving 2000 miles home with her, we got another blood test. What we thought was remarkable, her WBC were down to 11k and RBC were about 4500. Her percentage had also gone up to 22%. We were extatic. But not for long, as the ER Dr told us we would absolutely need to do something about her low neutracells (I might be naming these things wrong). Which is what started the L-spar injection. She did ok with this, but had to go outside and potty about every hour or so all night last night and took a while to finally get sleep (finally with me next to her on the floor).

Today we met with the Oncologist and walked through treatment options. I can't even believe this was happening so quickly. My wife and I mutually agreed to give the chemotherapy one full month, or rotation of treatment a shot and if she doesn't do well, we would back off. So far, today she had her first dose, of vincristine. The doc said the only side effects would be vomiting or diarrhea. I asked directly about her demeanor, and we were told that the likely 6 months of life we still had in her could be filled with walks, playing, spoiling, etc. Well she was good most of the day. And even had no problem eating. Until 5pm rolled around and we needed to give her some meds. Her appetite is completely gone. Even for treats she likely would have killed for in the past (cheese). She seems super uncomfortable and I just can't fathom the idea of putting my friend through this.

Has anyone else gone through CHOP for a dog diagnosed with ALL? If so can you please share some of your story? Mainly, how did your dog rebound or react to the treatments, and did they ever start to feel good? Of course before falling out of remission. I really appreciate it and need the support. I'm a complete mess and really not handling this well.
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Adam, sorry to hear this diagnosis. What a cute dog she is! I don’t have any advice for you. My boxer had liver cancer we didn’t do any treatment. Wasn’t recommended due to the circumstances. I pray the treatments help her, Just treasure every day with her. It stinks these sweet dogs have to go through this. Hugs to you and your wife....
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