It's coming up on 8 months since I've said goodbye to "my Sydney". I stil love her more than life itself and miss her everyday. I understand what people are posting when they've just lost their friend and yet today I find myself "numb" and "not numb".  I feel like I've given up on missing Sydney. I'm not giving up on life or giving up on loving her I just feel like I've hit a wall.  My therapist says I've reached the "acceptance" stage of grief but I don't feel like it.  Anyone else at this stage? I can't believe I'm at acceptance when I still miss her so much and would give anything to have her back.
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you are still missing your Sydney she is a huge part of your life, thought of all the time. I feel like i never "accepted" the loss of my pets cuz i am always thinking of them. And i still have tears for them, my feelings are good one day and i have meltdowns on other days. To me 8 months is still new, heck I am heading on one year since I lost my Munki and it feels like she was with me last week, so i know the feelings of missing your baby and the ups and downs.

Wishing you comfort and support during this difficult time.


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I think its hard to ever "accept" that they're gone, but we can acknowledge it.  The hard part may be that "accepting" it competes with our need to show loyalty to our lost friends, almost like accepting it means we're ok with having lost them.  I don't think I may ever reach that stage, however the pain will subside while the fond memories remain.
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