My kitty Oliver was lost to an apartment fire on March 22nd, and since then the 22nd of each month has been hit or miss. Towards the beginning it hit me each month on the 22nd, but lately it's been missing.

Not today. I had so much planned today but I woke up miserable. One look at the calendar told me why, and I have been crying off and on all day, obviously not productive in any sense of the word. Even my new cat who is normally the most laid-back kitty on the planet was concerned when I alternated between sleeping and crying for most of the day.

I dunno, maybe if today were a weekday I would be too distracted to react this strongly. Something about not being culturally obligated to be as productive on the weekends really leaves them more open to being wrecked by a negative emotional state.

I love you Oliver. I hope you know that.
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Don't worry, he knows you love him. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet baby. A fire is just about one of the most awful things! I know what you mean about the grief sneaking up on you. I lost my beautiful black kitty Raven April 8th this year, a week before Easter. I got her as a tiny kitten the week before Easter 15 years ago. Since then the 8th of every month has been bad. And it can just hit you out of nowhere. That's a given. I think we all do that.
Just keep talking to Oliver. He knows you love him. And don't be ashamed to grieve. It's not an easy road to be on.
Blessings and Hope 🐱🌈
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