Hi All,
Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I had to put down my beloved Boomer.  Some days the pain makes it feel like it was yesterday, but in other ways it feels like an eternity since I kissed him and buried my face in his's awful.
What's worse is that I think I'm starting to get used to him not being here and I HATE that.  It just doesn't feel right.  Also, just as I started noticing this, my other cat finally went into the bed that he and Boomer would share together....just find that interesting.  He had gone over a few times and sniffed at it, but never got in.  I didn't have the heart to put it away yet -- I tried, but it didn't feel right.  Now my other one is sleeping in it all the time.  It's weird.
I have been reading all the posts and sometimes it seems as though others are speaking the thoughts that go through my head.  I am grateful to have found a place where others know what I am feeling/experiencing.  So hard.

My thoughts are with you all,

Mommy misses you, Boom.

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Dear Mackie,

These early weeks and months of adjusting to the new state of normal are just so hard, I know.  It's been almost 8 weeks for me since T.J. left for the Bridge.  The time warp is still in full swing ~ so long since/just yesterday when...

It's O.K. to get used to the way things are now. It doesn't mean you're letting go.  It just means you're moving forward.  It's good to move forward, out of the darkness of loss and into the light of gratitude.

We couldn't find one of our kitties, Stevie Raow Vaughn, today.  We looked high and low, and then I found him curled up on top of the blanket that T.J. burrowed into on the floor of the closet in my office.    I guess it's the yin and yang of life.  Maybe our kitties were sending us messages today, letting us know that they've heard from our Bridge Kids. I like to think of it that way.  Stevie has always been a conduit for one of my other Bridge Kitties (T.J.'s nephew, Buddy Guy), so I imagine he is an ambassador for all of them now.

We will get through this time together, and Boomer, T.J. and all of our angels live on as long as we hold them in our hearts.


My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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